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From February 6 to 10, the Schools Division Office of San Juan took a proactive step towards advancing the quality of education by initiating and implementing an In-service Training (INSET) program for teachers during the mid-year break of the students. This was a strategic move that aimed to equip the educators of the division with the necessary skills, knowledge, and resources to effectively deliver quality education that would meet the needs of the ever-evolving landscape of education in the country.

The first three days of the INSET (February 6 to 8) were devoted to Division Pre-identified trainings. The sessions were crafted to cater to various topics that were designed to provide robust and fun learning for the teachers and school heads of the Schools Division Office of San Juan. The educators were able to engage in various workshops and seminars, which aimed to enhance their teaching pedagogies while strengthening their adherence to holistic learner development as well as gender development observance.

The topics and discussions held during the INSET revolved around the following targets: providing a realistic and integrative form of assessment, efficiently and effectively managing the classrooms, being aware of one's self as well as the uniqueness of the learners, being equipped with enhanced capability on ICT utilization in teaching, and utilizing concepts as well as infused strategies on thinking skills for classroom development. These discussions aimed to equip the educators with practical tools and strategies that would help them meet the diverse needs of their learners.

The last two days of the INSET (February 9-10) were given to schools for their school-based trainings and Learning Action Cell (LAC) sessions. This gave the educators a chance to apply what they had learned in the previous days and reflect on how they can improve their teaching strategies. The school-based trainings were tailored to the specific needs of the schools, which allowed for a more personalized and effective approach to professional development.

Overall, the INSET was a huge success, as it provided a platform for the educators to exchange ideas, learn new skills, and connect with other educators. This initiative of the Schools Division Office of San Juan is a testament to their commitment to continuously enhance the quality of education in their division, which is essential for the growth and development of the learners, the schools, and the community. The INSET program will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the learners, as the educators are now equipped with the necessary tools to deliver quality education that would help the students achieve their full potential.

Article Written by:

Bradley Goldie K. Loo

Education Program Supervisor- Science

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