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Division CRAW Team conducts FGD and workshop on the MATATAG Agenda

The Division Commitment Review and Alignment Workshop (CRAW) Team conducted a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and a workshop on the MATATAG Agenda on March 24, 2023, at the SDO Conference Hall with all the 13 School Heads and two members of their respective school planning team in attendance. The team was composed of the Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Cecille G. Carandang, Assistant Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Buenafe E. Sabado, School Governance and Operations Division (SGOD) Chief Dr. Dominique T. Rivera, Curriculum Implementation Division (CID) Chief Dr. Helen S. Padilla, Education Program Supervisor Marnelli B. Tolentino, Planning Officer Michael T. Rull, and Project Development Officer Anthony James H. Vizmanos.

SDS Dr. Carandang set the tone for the session that required reflective thinking among the audience.

SDS Dr. Carandang shared the process that the team went through which included the pre-work assignments done in support of the reg ional CRAW that happened in Subic last March 14-16, 2023. She revisited the organizational hierarchy of the Department of Education (DepEd) to establish the mindset needed in operationalizing the MATATAG agenda across the different governance levels. She emphasized the authority, responsibility, and accountability (ARA) articulated in the policy order that clarified the roles that the school leaders would be performing as the development plan was unpacked in the workshop that followed.

Meanwhile, Dr. Sabado discussed the development template that laid out the articulation of the key initiatives from the Central Office and the corresponding sections that would capture the intentions or support actions of the division or the schools indicating the lead and interfacing groups, the support needed, the appropriate basic education development plan outcomes being addressed, along with the budgetary targets and deliverables for two years.

The School Planning Team listened intently to the SGOD Chief Dr. Rivera as he discussed the salient points of the division CRAW output to be used as their reference in developing their school commitments under the MATATAG agenda

Afterward, SGOD Chief Dr. Rivera presented the division CRAW output that was finalized and submitted to the region as a reference to the workshop that would follow. He walked through the items and gave tips on how the school planning team could craft their commitments using their existing data and improvement plans. He accommodated questions and clarifications from the audience after his talk to ensure a common understanding of the process to be done later that day.

Before the break, four schools were chosen through the digital wheel app to present a segment of their output pertaining to the four clusters of the MATATAG agenda while the rest of the schools were assigned to be reactors for each of the presenters. They spent the next three hours of the afternoon for the alignment of the school programs, projects, and activities then proceeded with the presentation as scheduled. The division CRAW team members also gave insights and recommendations on how else the school planning team could adjust their formulation of intentions and harmonize their proposed programs to contribute to the expected outcomes in the MATATAG agenda.

The next submission is slated on March 28, 2023, with revisions from their partner supervisor while the final presentation of their school commitments is scheduled for the following day.

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