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Diversity and Inclusivity among Learners with Special Needs in PES

From a teacher’s viewpoint, diversity and inclusivity in education are essential. Pinaglabanan Elementary School (PES) embraces diversity inside and outside the classroom, especially among learners with special needs (LSENs). Assessment, accommodations, and modifications are provided to target the goals necessary for every learner with special needs. The school also provides individualized programs to address their unique needs to achieve their maximum potential such as to become self-reliant and productive members of the society.

(Initial Assessment Week- To determine their educational placement in SPED program)

For all of this to happen, an institution needs to have capable, learned, and talented educators to effectively implement these life-changing programs. The institution as a response to the mounting needs and challenges of special and mainstream education is home to around a hundred learners with special needs and seven special educators who are trained and certified from distinguished institutions. These educators are well-prepared to assess and hone special education learners and provide the necessary interventions so that these learners will be imbued with life skills and values that will enable them to be competent 21st century learners.

(Special Education Teachers of Pinaglabanan Elementary School)

The school has a Special Education Center that offers Early Intervention,  Developmental, Functional Academics, and Transition Classes wherein learners are taught to develop knowledge and specific skills needed for them to be mainstreamed into the regular school system, or to be prepared for the challenges of adulthood or  possible employment and other life pathways.

(Special Education Building: PES SPED Center offers differentiated placement programs for evolving learners’ needs)

Several learners with special needs are already in the mainstream program of the school. This will also help the typically developing learners to respect and care for other individuals with unique needs inside and outside the school.

(National Reading Month Celebration with learners with special needs)

Also, the school includes them in different activities such as Reading Month, wherein they can showcase their ability to read and appreciate fictional characters by participating in a costume parade. Other activities participated by the learners as part of the National Reading Month celebration are the Pajama Party and Storytelling events. These aim to instill passion and love for books in the learners for the acquisition of knowledge – a skill that will prove to be useful in the lives of the learners in the long run.

Article written by:


Jerome S. Kalaw

Special Education Teacher I

Pinaglabanan Elementary School


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