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CID leads development of modules for San Juanenos

As part of the Basic Education-Learning Continuity Plan (BE-LCP) of DepEd San Juan, the Curriculum Implementation Division (CID) headed by its Chief, Dr. Helen G. Padilla, created the development team for the Project LEARN (LEArning Resources for the New normal) which refers to the modules and activity sheets. All school heads were requested to submit names of teachers they recommend for each learning area who will comprise the team to be headed by the supervisors in the different learning areas. Aside from the writers, the master teachers were encouraged to form part of the respective quality assurance who will take note of the alignment of the content to the curriculum standards and the language aspect to ensure correct grammar and readability levels of the resources. The division Learning Resources (LR) team led by the LR Supervisor, Dr. Jonas Feliciano C. Domingo, and Project Development Officer, Mr. Michael P. Rull took charge of the Technical Layout and Design of all modules and activity sheets along with the other layout editors endorsed by the different learning areas.

While the whole Department of Education struggles with the implementation guidelines for the smooth operations in the school in the midst of the pandemic, SDO San Juan continues to do its share of giving technical assistance to the teachers and school heads in the field. Even if there were a number of comments that cited the non-readiness of the schools nationwide to pursue distance education, the SDO San Juan officials persevered to deliver the tasks of clarifying the issues and setting the direction towards the migration of resources to digital and online platforms. The CID continued to work closely with their core group of teachers who made sure they adhered to the timeline indicated in the module development prior to the formal opening of classes.

OIC-Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Cecille G. Carandang said, “It is true that we have so many challenges facing but we are very much blessed to have committed partners in the local government thru the leadership of Hon. Mayor Francis Zamora. We are awaiting the completion of the infrastructures to strengthen connectivity and the provision of gadgets for all San Juanenos. We are doing partnerships with other stakeholders to make sure that we can continue education in the best way possible. Meanwhile, we do the best we can and we hope that our teachers and other school leaders will continue to work hand in hand for the development of the localized learning resources here in San Juan as we are very small compared to the other divisions in the region.”

The following pictures show snapshots of the processes involved: series of coordination meetings of CID and their respective core groups, the infographics of the module development process, quality assurance work, and other pertinent data like the memo released that captured the Project LEARN.

Article written by

Orlando D. Claor, SEPS-M& E / OIC-AP Supervisor

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