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CESs in SDOs, to attend the leadership program for LCRP

Chief Education Supervisors (CES) in all the sixteen schools division offices in the National Capital Region (NCR) gathered together at the National Educators Academy of the Philippines in Marikina City on January 10-13, 2023 to attend the leadership program relative to the Learning Continuity and Recovery Plan (LCRP) implementation. The regional consultants from the ABC+ namely, Dr. Carlo P. Magno and Dr. Joyce F. Orillosa, facilitated the 4-day session intended for the chiefs from the Curriculum Implementation Division (CID) and School Governance and Operations Division (SGOD) to deepen the understanding of the dynamics required for the effective service delivery.

The session on Leadership Inventory allowed the participants to revisit the five corners of leadership which involved: visioneering, conflict resolution, problem solving, change management, and personal leadership. As they looked back at the initial gains reported, Dr. Magno clarified the interfacing functions of the CID and SGOD and worked on the SWOT analysis as a means to identify areas of concerns for continuous improvement. The workshop that followed revolved around the possible communication platforms to use, the popular of which is the Learning Action Cell (LAC).

Moreover, this seminar-workshop focused on clarifying the performance indicators for the priority areas in the Learning Continuity and Recovery Plan implementation. The speakers highlighted essential points of the Regional Monitoring, Evaluation, and Adjustment Plan (RMEA) tools that should be used in collecting data from the schools. The workshop on doing SWOT analysis for the remediation plan was an insightful session as it pointed out discussion points for technical assistance.

The session on Coaching and Mentoring was also discussed with emphasis on the instructional side, maximizing the data that could be collected using the RMEA tools. The participants used this opportunity to clear up some issues and concerns relative to the monitoring practices that can be done involving the supervisors, school heads, and the teachers following the progress made on literacy and numeracy instruction as well as the components of social and emotional learning.

The design of the seminar-workshop hopes to intensify the quality of technical assistance to be given by the supervisors and school leaders. With the renewed understanding and agreements made with the participants, the conduct of school LCRP would be adjusted to ensure the attainment of the division targets in relation to the priority areas in the region.


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