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Salapan Elementary School conducted the joint Investiture Ceremony last February 03, 2023, which is considered the most important activity in Scouting. It was the first school gathering activity attended by the whole school community after the pandemic. Likewise, it marked the formal acceptance of the boys and girls in the movement after they have completed the requirements of membership and fully understood the spirit of scouting. This year’s boy scout activity is very significant because all boys from Kinder to Grade 6 became members of the Scouting courtesy of the San Juan City local government. It also signifies the existence of San Juan City BSP Associate Council.

The Investiture Ceremony was attended by the boys’ parents, invited guests, and other members of the community and stakeholders like Brgy. Captain Charles D. Tejoso of Barangay Salapan, Kagawad Rose Belles Milaor, the very supportive school principal, Ma’am Florence C. Ares, teachers, and the GPTA officers. It was a very successful school activity because of the cooperation of everybody who took their part in the said program from the start of preparation, all throughout the practice, and the actual events of the boy scouts.

Article Written by:

Anthony Q. Aguilar

Master Teacher I - Salapan Elementary School


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