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BAHAksyon: Flooding in Kabayanan Elementary School

Facilities in schools generally have an effect on the health, conduct, interactions, learning, and development of students. The facilities that students and instructors have access to in school have an impact on their physical and mental health. To create a conducive environment for learning, every school needs to have the necessary facilities for both students and staff.

However, what happens if a school is not protected from the effects of different catastrophes?

Three weeks after Typhoon Egay and the southwest wind damaged several sections of Luzon, many homes, livelihoods, and even schools, including Kabayanan Elementary School (KES), were impacted by the disaster in Metro Manila. The lower of Rodriguez Building was completely overrun by flood and it affected the room of Grade One, Kinder, guidance room, and even the principal’s office.

The school buildings are fully furnished and built on high terrain. However, just like the other schools, KES is vulnerable to natural calamities. During heavy rain, communities and educational facilities are frequently flooded.

Teachers, security personnel, and janitors all pitched in to help one another with the clean-up after the flood especially since the start of the new academic year is quickly approaching.

According to PAGASA, 14 tropical cyclones are still expected to hit the Philippines until the end of 2023. Like everyone else, it is hoped that the school will not be that heavily devastated with the flooding and its aftermath.

After all, the operation of efficient infrastructure ensures the supply of high-quality education. Higher overall student achievement is the effect of this. Furthermore, the availability of well-maintained school infrastructure plays a crucial role in fostering a safe and conducive learning environment for students. It also enhances their overall educational experience and promotes equal opportunities for all learners.

Snapshots of the heavily flooded lobby and ground floor of Kabayanan ES after Typhoon Egay hit Metro Manila.

Article Written by:

Naneth S. Suarez

Teacher III - Kabayanan Elementary School


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