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Ayala Foundation culminates activity for<code/it> recipients and other stakeholders

At present time, digital education has become a vital component of modern education. With technology rapidly evolving, the integration of digital education into the curriculum has become necessary to prepare students for the challenges of the modern world. In addition, digital education equips learners with the necessary skills to navigate and succeed in a digital world, including critical thinking, problem-solving and digital literacy. For this reason, the Ayala Foundation conceptualized the <code/it> program to help bridge the digital divide for public school children.

On April 14, 2023, the Ayala Foundation culminated an activity for the<code/it> recipients and other stakeholders at Pinaglabanan Elementary School, Multi-Purpose hall building. This initiative commenced last 2020 at the height of the pandemic COVID-19 in parthershp Local Government Unit of San Juan City headed by the unparalleled local chief executive, Mayor Francis Javier Zamora and the benevolent AVP, Greenhills Mall Operations, Head of Trade Fairs and Exhibits Mr. James Candelaria.

This said activity was attended by Mayor Francis Zamora and his council, Mr. James Candelaria and his team, Mr. Andrian Villanueva and his company, Dr. Margarito B. Marterum, Dr. Buenafe E. Sabado, Ms. Marnelli B. Tolentino and other key official representatives from the Schools Division of San Juan City, school heads from different schools within the division and teachers and learners from the school host headed by Mr. Vito L. Mengote.

During the inspirational message of Dr. Margarito B. Marterum, the newly installed Schools Division Superintendent of San Juan City, he underscored the importance of affirmative digital education to the learners and teachers which is crucial to the relevant ICT skills for the teachers. He also added that recognizing the efforts of the team may give a huge impact on the current situation of the educational system.

Moreover, Mayor Francis agreed on the importance of digital education to the current curriculum as it equipped learners in the real world for long-term goals. He also took the opportunity to express his fullest gratitude to Ayala Foundation for the unwavering support they have been giving to the recipients of <code/it>. Furthermore, he stressed the importance of linkages for the advancement of digital education within his respective jurisdiction.

For a better insight into the project, the recipients also shared their best practices towards the program and sharing memorable experiences and outputs from <code/it> Kids’ Camp Participants.

As part of acknowledging the importance of partnership, a commendation was made to all stakeholders who took part in the success of this endeavor.

Awarding of Plaque of Recognition

From left to right Mr. Andrian Villanueva,Mr. Eamon Ulibarri, Mr. James Candelaria, Dr. Margarito B. Marterum, Dr. Fe Sabado, Mr. Vito L. Mengote, Mayor Francis Javier Zamora, Councilor Macky Mathay, Councilor Ryan Llanos Dee, Ms. Marnelli Tolentino and Ms. Magdalena Rosopa

In conclusion, partnerships are paramount for advancing digital education by enabling access to resources, encouraging collaboration and innovation, facilitating scalability, providing professional development and creating a collective force for change.

Article Written by:

Junel P. Maximo

Pinaglabanan Elementary School - Teacher I


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