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The San Juan City Science High School teaching and non-teaching staff took part in a two-day face-to-face seminar on Gender and Development with the topic Gender Sensitivity and Use of Gender Fair Language and a glimpse on the Individual Performance Commitment Review Form at Ysabel place in San Mateo, Rizal last July 6- 7, 2022. This seminar was initiated and organized by their GAD Coordinator Mr. Melchor M. Odi. The said activities were comprised of two parts. The first part was the GAD session in which there were three main objectives. First, was to equip and empower teaching faculties and administrative staff about the proper use of gender-fair language. Second, was to enhance awareness of gender sensitization for normal development of the student or individual. And lastly, to build trust and connection within the teaching and non-teaching faculties and their students’ gender preference. The said objectives were important because there of the need to create a deeper awareness on the issue of gender-fair language and gender sensitization amongst the faculties and administrative staff thus, upholding the normal development of students. With these objectives in mind, the seminar empowered the teaching staff and non-teaching staff as they gained knowledge about the said topics.

The highlight of the topic as discussed by the resource speaker Dr. Leonardo Dagum Jr., focused on the role of educators on gender sensitization. He emphasized that teachers should be aware on how to handle different gender issues. For the teachers to bring about a change in the society, they should be given pre-hand knowledge so that they can be the main advocate of gender equality. The best educational environment that an educator should consider, either for a male or female student should be fair and gender sensitive. School teachers play a pivotal role in promoting gender disparity in school. They help start building habits and non-judgmental opinions in the classrooms so much that it calls for spaces to create equal educational opportunities for all students. Strong teachers are those who treat and guide their students fairly in an environment where students feel safe and valued regardless of their gender preference. Dr. Dagum also added suggestions for teachers on how they can further promote gender equality within the classroom.

After the first speaker shared his expertise on the topic, the second speaker shared the importance of life as a human being. All human beings are created with dignity that deserve respect and love. Whatever status in life a person possesses, it must always be remembered that everyone is created equal because of this inherent human dignity. He also summarized the topic based on the golden rule that says, “Do unto others what you want others to do unto you.”

The second part of the program was re-visiting the Individual Performance Commitment Review Form or the IPCRF presented by Mrs. Corazon Ocampo. It is an assessment tool used to rate government employees for their year's accomplishments. The main objective of this is to provide a venue for agreement on standards of performance and behaviors which led to professional and personal growth in the organization. This form is divided into four parts: PART I Accomplishments of KRAs and Objectives, PART II The Competencies, PART III Summary of Ratings for Discussion and PART IV The Developmental Plans. These are the performance management tool required to be submitted by all teachers every year. After the resource speaker presented her specific insight on the topic, they started to accomplish their individual accomplishment and achievements in a portfolio.

That was really a productive and meaningful seminar for all JuanSci family. For them, that was really a re-awakening moment for all teaching and non-teaching staff. Teachers from San Juan City Science High School were so thankful to the resource speakers, organizers, and participants, especially to the school head, Mrs. Helen S. Acedo for the great opportunity for the development of everyone. The event was concluded by sharing activities like team building based on the topic discussed, thus, creating a spirit of unity and camaraderie among themselves.

God bless, San Juan City Science High School family! JUANSCI ALWAYS SOARING HIGH!

Article written by:

Melchor M. Odi

Teacher I

San Juan City Science High School


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