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A Glimpse of Hope: SJC - Academic Senior High School Conducts First Post-Pandemic Seniors Night Prom

Seniors Night is the highly anticipated prom night for high school seniors across the country. It is a night of celebration and fun and one that many look forward to all year long. As the year 2023 slowly reveals itself, and the light of the end of the pandemic grows ever brighter, it is hard not to look ahead to all the events that were delayed or cancelled due to the circumstances. Whether it is a summer vacation, a family reunion, or the grandest of them all – prom – it is easy to get excited about finally being able to celebrate and enjoy these milestones.

The idea of going to prom and having the chance to dress up, have a good time, and make lifelong memories with friends, is a hallmark of the high school experience. With the pandemic still in effect, many high schoolers have had to temporarily put the idea of prom on the back burner. However, the Supreme Student Government of San Juan City Academic Senior High School is taking the necessary COVID safety precautions and planning for the in-person seniors’ night prom.

To kick off things, SSG created a theme Enchanted. The prom not only highlights the success of the students but also the success of the whole school. The prom started with the entourage of the Mr. and Ms., followed by a prayer, bequeathing the key of responsibility to the officers for the next school year, dinner, open dance, and coronation. Intermission numbers happened in between the program to showcase the talented students of San Juan City Academic Senior High School.

The coronation took place at last, crowning Ms. Hazel as the Queen of the Night, Mr. Ansary as the King of the night, Ms. Joy Anmae Abrera as the Princess of the Night, Mr. Airo Miray as the Prince of the Night, Miguel Verdejo as the Icon of the Night, Lucas Dela Paz as the Star of the Night, Ms. LJ Embaheno as Best Gown of the Night, Mr. Derek Padua as Best Suit of the Night, Ms. Gormate as Best Dancer Female Category, and Mr. Ganapin, as Best Dancer Male Category. The judges for every category were Dr. Rina A. Angeles, Mrs. Basilia S. Torres, and Mrs. Maria Aileen B. Callorina. This event would not be possible without the support of our Principal Mrs. Maria Aileen B. Callorina, the hard work of our SSG Officers that stayed before, during, and even after the event, with the help of every organization such as the Marshalls, and the Seniors Scout, headed by both Mr. Nazareno Bautista and Ms. Cristine Francel C. Pimentel, who also served as the Chairman of the Seniors Night.

In this post-pandemic world, let us all take a moment to savor the little realities and privileges we have been deprived of for so long. As a new wave of joy and freedom takes over, use this opportunity to create something truly special and celebrate the end of the pandemic with a unique post-pandemic prom.

Article written by:

Cristine Francel Pimentel

Teacher I, San Juan City Academic Senior High School


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