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Math 117: In its Continued Service to the Community

Math 117 is a school organization which existed since 2008 at San Juan National High School. The name originated from the concept of a hotline number as signified by 117 to indicate that the organization is there to lend a helping hand for the members struggling with Math concepts. But it grew so well that it could now cater to the other needs of the community. For more than ten years now, it has sponsored various activities that the student community will enjoy. However in the recent years, it extended its reach to a larger society.

Some of its community involvement projects are the following:

DIVISION DAY CAMP. This is where participants enjoy various games but applying the different concepts they have learned from their Math class. At first, it can be intimidating as many students find the subject challenging, but through interesting games, many have realized that learning Math can be so much FUN. This was first offered in 2012 to different public elementary schools and has been a yearly activity since then. At that time, the organizers had to go to different campuses in order to accommodate their request. However in recent years, the high school campus became the central venue to cater to all the participants.

Hygiene Pack Distribution – Through this project, the club was able to distribute around 70 packs among patients and their guardians at a nearby hospital during the holiday season. This aims to give strength to the patients and their guardians which can really be challenging spending it at a hospital at this time of the year.

Appreciation Day - This time, the club shared blessing to the people who silently helped out in achieving its goals. Without their help during weekends, the club would not be able to successfully conduct many of its projects.

With the able guidance of the Adviser, Ms. Liberty D. Quirino, the cooperation of all members, and the solidarity of our partners, the Club will continue to serve its purpose of creating lingering memories among Math enthusiasts and the community.

Article written by:

Liberty D. Quirino – MasterTeacher I (SJNHS)

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