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San Juan, Wins 2019 DOST - NCR Sining Siyensya

Sining Siyensiya is a friendly competition among students by making a visual art that expresses their opinion, analyzation, and reaction about a certain topic. In this year’s theme “Science for the people”, student from different school divisions created visual art to spread awareness among the students and people the importance of science, the application of scientific knowledge to satisfy basic human needs and to improve the living standards of the people through creative visual art.

Ashley Louise S. Barde and Cloue Kaye S. Holanda of San Juan Elementary School emerged as the winners of the 2019 DOST – NCR PAMAMARISAN SINING SIYENSIYA Science and Technology On – the – Spot Poster Making Contest held on October 1, 2019 at Rizal High School, Pasig City.

Among the four competing Public Elementary School Divisions, San Juan ranked first. Barde was adjudged the grand prize winner while Holanda bagged the third prize with the supervision of their trainer, Ms. Lourdes Susan P. Adigue and with the support of their principal Mr. Lloyd T. Tulaylay. A cash prize of 5000 Php and 2000 php for first and third were given to the winners, respectively, along with medals and certificates.

Expressing one thoughts and opinion in the importance of science through visual art is a 21st century skill that the San Juan Elementary School Pupils have conquered. Indeed, these amazing kids brought sense of achievement to their school and to the whole City of San Juan.

Article written by:

Lourdes Susan P. Adigue (Teacher III - SJES)

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