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San Juan Elementary School Strengthen Project EEE Through DEPED-MTAP Saturday Program

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do,” says a certain Pele which inspired San Juan Elementary School to strengthen Project EEE (Experience, Expose, Explore) through the conduct of DEPEd -MTAP Saturday Program.

The school supported the objectives of this activity which consisted of the following: provide the learners with the opportunity to explore Mathematics; review the learners with materials covered in past school years; and prepare the learners in examinations.

Moreover, the program develops the mathematical skills of learners by strengthening their computational skills and developing logical reasoning. With much enthusiasm, these young mathematicians become prepared and equipped to face the real world with confidence and join different challenges using the 21st century skills in Mathematics.

The activity started on September 7, 2019 and ended last October 12, 2019. Through the leadership of Mrs. Helen S. Acedo, EPSM, Mrs Belen R. Dizor, MT-in-charge, Mrs. Araceli L. Villacorta, School Mathematics Coordinator, the program became a success.

Math teachers who have undergone the MTAP training taught the regular program for six Saturdays. These teachers were the following: Mary Joy Famero, Jade Anne Panganiban and Princess Angeline Erracho, who taught Grade 1 pupils; Evelyn Tejada and Irene Gerola taught Grade 2 pupils; Belen Dizor and Reneliza Cabanez taught Grade 3 pupils; Esperanza Britanico and Mayrell Abiera taught Grade 4 pupils; Ailene Tuzon and Juvilyn Ranot taught Grade 5 pupils; and Rosalina Arenas and Perfecto Bautista from San Juan National High School taught Grade 6 pupils. Modules provided by the MTAP Organization guided the 4-hour sessions.

A total number of 348 pupils from San Juan Elementary School, Philippine Cheng Kuang, and San Perfecto Elementary School participated in this meaningful academic activity with the belief that this is an opportunity for growth and partnership in developing critical thinkers and problem solvers.

The success of the program challenged all the participants to sustain one spirit in developing holistic learners through partnership and collaboration. Congratulations, Teammates!

Article written by

Araceli L. Villacorta, San Juan ES Teacher

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