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EsP Month Kick – Off Ceremony

Bullying is one of the concerns that our educational system is facing nowadays. It affects one’ s physical, emotional, mental, and social capability and stability. Also, it may result in a student’s poor academic performance, low self -esteem, health, and behavioral problem.

In accordance with the DepEd’s initiative to strengthen the Anti-Bullying Act, San Juan Elementary School conducted a two-day activity to intensify the said campaign to selected students of Grade I to Grade VI who have been observed of having behavioral problem in the class.

The theme, “Talento at Pagpapakatao: Susi sa Paghubog ng Responsableng Filipino, Batang K-12 Pag-asa ng Bayan,” highlighted values integration to our K-12 learners in our EsP Celebration last Novemeber 5-6, 2019. The first day started with a nationalistic song followed by a prayer of Mrs. Ana Marie Tabilla, School Esp Coordinator. The statement of purpose was discussed by Mrs. Belen Dizor, MT-In-Charge in Esp, the inspirational message was delivered by our dear principal Mr. Lloyd T. Tulaylay. Several topics were discussed regarding the connection of education and values formation in the development of the learners. Mrs. Ana Marie Tabilla and Mrs. Fe Montano discussed the different school rules and regulation , and child’s behavior. Mrs. Lesa Ocenar , Grade IV Esp Coordinator and Ms. Loradel Milan, Grade VI Esp Coordinator, prepared a film showing about bullying and its possible effects. A video clip showing the importance of sharing and teachers as a role model in the society, was presented by Ms. Irene Conde and Mrs. Mary Grace Surban. Everyone was enlighted by the discussion of Mrs. Lovely Gidayawan, Guidance Teacher, with regards to promoting awareness of the Anti-Bullying Act. R.A. 10627. Mr. Lloyd T. Tulaylay elaborated the DepEd Mandate and the Zero-Zero campaign ( Zero Bullying, Zero Drop-Outs, Zero Non-Readers) which was being intensified by the school. The first day program ended with the giving of certificates to all the resource speakers who made the event successful.

Moreover, to make this celebration meaningfully fun, a slogan contest was held the next day. Mrs. Lourdes Susan Adigue spearheadaed the activity along with the different EsP coordinators. Ten participants from Grade IV, V, VI were given a chance to showcase their creativity and artistic skills. The winners of the slogan contest are as follows:

Grade IV - 1st Place Elisha Job B. Bravo, 2nd Place Julianna Eightria Y. Cruz, 3rd Place John Carl R. Pabugas

Grade V – 1st Place Lord Cedric Emmanuel Reas, 2nd Place Kino Aisaan C. Santiago, 3rd Place Tyron Vaughn E. Valdez

Grade VI – 1st Place Ashley Loiuse S. Barde, 2nd Place Althea Keanna R, Lahay lahay, 3rd Place Nicole Nario

Congratulations to all the winners! Let us all strive to make the school more child-friendly by upholding the lessons of the Anti-bullying Act!

Article written by

Lovely M. Gidayawan, San Juan ES Teacher

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