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SJES Young Journalists take Pride at the RSPC 2019

Campus Journalism gives an opportunity to young journalist to practice their crafts, share their thoughts and gives insights about certain issues. It is where students become more aware in what is happening in the society. Likewise, it provides students a voice of the student body, and it also helps them in improving their skills in communication arts.

The Regional Schools Press Conference 2019 was held last Oct. 10-11, 2019 at Aurora Elementary School with the Theme: Campus Journalism Responding to Emerging Lessons of Media Practices. This event allows the SJES young journalists to show their talents , skills, and insights in promoting the importance of campus journalism.

San Juan Elementary School takes pride as it bags winners from the RSPC 2019. For the Group Category, they won the 5th Place Radiobroadcasting English-Best in Technical Application composed of the following pupils: Jannah Mae Hinampas, Divine Grace Pagaduan, Joaquin Villareal, Yuri Andrew Bazar, Mary Elain Geralbio , Enzo Herman Tuano ( KES ) and Joana Kylie Rosalie ( KES ) with their competent trainer, Ms. Maricar Hinampas.

For the Individual Category, they won 5th Place in Photojournalism ( English ) by Kristine Faith Laurel trained by Ms. Lovely M. Gidayawan .

Truly, SJES pupils excel in both Academics and co-curricular activities. The SJES young journalists take pride not only in our school but also in the whole region.

Kudos to our Young Journalists and Trainors!!!

Article written by:

Lovely M. Gidayawan (Teacher II - San Juan Elementary School)

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