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City Government of San Juan Conducts Mental Health Talk for Senior High School Students of San Juan

Through the initiative project of the Caring Keri by the First Lady of San Juan, Madam Keri Javier, the City Government of San Juan conducted Mental Health Talk - for Senior High School Students of San Juan last 28 October 2019, 10:00 a.m., at the San Juan City Atrium.

A Total of 174 Academic senior high school students and nine (9) teachers together with almost a hundred Gr. 10 junior high school students with their teachers attended the said seminar. The talk was emceed by Mr. Leo Paolo B. Dilay, HUMSS Teacher. The First Lady’s project was fully supported of course by the City Mayor, Hon. Francis Javier M. Zamora and was attended by the Vice Mayor with some local officials and Dr. Cecille G. Carandang, OIC – SDO San Juan.

The lectures were presented by the two speakers from the Dept. of Health – NCR, Ms. Clarence J. Fernandez and Dr. Hevander D. Homol from UERMMCI. Both lecturers gave the meaning and sources of mental illness, depression and suicide including its cure and prevention. The topic was very helpful and timely nowadays since a number of teenage/child cases of suicide were reported due to depression. Health officials also recommended that Mental Health should also be included by DepEd in the curriculum although unknowingly to them, the said subject was already incorporated in the Senior High’s Personality Development subject.

Question and answer portion were raised after the lecture in which two significant questions were brought up by the Vice Mayor and from one senior high academic teacher. Both were answered satisfactorily by the health officials and for the question/issue raised by the senior high teacher, good recommendations and advise were also given for the school both by the health officials and by Dr. Carandang. The Talk was ended by a brief closing message given by the SDO San Juan Officer-in-Charge, Dr. Cecille A. Carandang.

Article written by

Evelyn S. Plaza - Teacher II (SHS ABM Teacher & PFP Coordinator)

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