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SDO San Juan City Intensifies Research Culture by Launching the LGU-Supported Integrated and Compreh

The Schools Division of San Juan City and the Local Government Unit collaborated once again to unveil a breakthrough in research activities in the division by launching the Integrated and Comprehensive Basic Education Research Program for CY 2019. This research milestone unfolded vis-à-vis the first day of the Capacity-Building in Conducting School-Based Research, with the Theme: “Revolutionizing Research and Development in SDO- San Juan” last September 19-21, 2019 at the Linden Suites, Ortigas, Pasig City.

The said SDO Research Program is a package of Division Research initiatives with the purpose of strengthening a culture of research through Communities of Practice (CoP) or the Learning Action Cells (LACs). These initiatives are covered in the SDO San Juan Research Management Framework which are generously supported by the Local Government Unit through the utilization of Special Education Fund (SEF). One of the programs implemented alongside the launch is the 2019 Capacity-Building in Conducting School-Based Research which intends to equip participants to:

1. acquire in-depth and comprehensive competencies (knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values) in research and management;

2. employ templated-research activities in conducting action research; and

3. establish a culture of research in the SDO-San Juan by putting in

community of practice.

Dr. Jay F. Macasieb, Division Research Coordinator, said in an interview, “In our quest to improve learning outcomes in the division through evidence-based, data-driven and systematic strategy, SDO San Juan crafted an across-the-curriculum approach by strengthening its research endeavors”. He further added, “We are espousing the provisions of the Research Management Guidelines (DO 16, S. 2017) as a driving mechanism in cultivating a culture of research in SDO San Juan and as a K to12 strategy of improving the processes, systems and directions of the office to better serve its stakeholders”.

The dignitaries who were present during the Ribbon-Cutting, signifying the launch of the Research Program of SDO San Juan City, include the LGU Chairman of the Education Committee, Hon. Kit Peralta, who also represented the Chair of the Local School Board, Hon. Francisco Javier M. Zamora, who himself is an advocate of research. Along with Hon. Peralta were Dr. Alejandro G. Ibañez, OIC-SDS, Mrs. Flordelisa D. Pereyra, OIC-ASDS, Dr. Helen G. Padilla, Chief-CID, Dr. Dominique T. Rivera, Chief-SGOD and Dr. Jay F. Macasieb, Division Research Coordinator.

The participants, composed mainly of supervisors, school heads and master teachers, were systematically oriented and equipped with the tenets and basics of conducting basic education action researches that are simplified in content, form and structure. Two research experts were invited to further engage the participants. Dr. Emmanuel M. Batulan of the University of Santo Tomas has talked about the research topic-Data Analysis: Qualitative Findings/Results, Conclusions and Recommendations while Dr. Jonas Feliciano C. Domingo, a Master Teacher II from Manila Science HS discussed the Rationale of context and intervention in action research writing.

The training was conceptualized in response to the basic Education Act of 2001 which underscores the role of research in the management and administration of the basic education system. DepEd Order No. 16. S. 2017 provides the policy framework to strengthen the culture of research in basic education and guides research managers in their initiative to conduct researches as well as in continually adopting measures to strengthen the culture of research among the teaching and non-teaching personnel in the division with a clear vision of establishing data-driven and research-based policy guidelines which translates to better learning outcomes.

Article written by:

Jay F. Macasieb (Assistant Principal - San Juan Science High School)

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