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SDO San Juan Holds Workshop on RPMS-PPST Data Management System

San Juan City Schools Division Office pooled around fifty (50) participants including the School Heads, Head Teachers, School ICT coordinators, and select Master Teachers, at the E-Room of Pinaglabanan Elementary School and SDO Conference Hall respectively on 28 and 29 August 2019 to prepare each school’s Consolidated RPMS Data using the new RPMS-PPST Management System.

Day 1 of the two-day workshop started with a conversation with the Workshop Manager, Dr. Dominique T. Rivera, SEPS-HRD, on the goals of the activity. He also talked on how the RPMS-PPST data collection will aid in the development of learning and development targets and activities of the Schools Division Office in line with the Transformation of National Educator’s Academy of the Philippines (NEAP Transformation). It was followed by a pre-workshop walkthrough of the RPMS- PPST wherein Ms. Ma. Lucila G. Anatalio, Master Teacher – Salapan Elementary School, talked about the salient features of the PPST, tool used for IPCRF Evaluation, and the processes on how the system evolved to its current form while Mr. Jamin Luiz E. Pablo, Administrative Assistant – ICT, oriented the participants on the new RPMS Data Management System, its mechanism, procedures, and content. For clarity and unanimity, Dr. Rivera and Mr. Orlando D. Claor, SEPS-M&E/LRMS, provided the participants with final reminders before the hands-on activity started.

Each school put their best effort to accomplish the tasks at hand and were able to finish the workshop activities before the end of Day 1. Likewise, Day 2 was filled with enthusiasm and vigor of the participants while Mr. Pablo explained the mechanism in the consolidation of the output from the previous day. Before the workshop was concluded, the complete and consolidated RPMS Data submitted by each school were checked by the Program Management Team (PMT). Finally, a group dynamics and a forum sealed the two-day event.

Moreover, SDO San Juan City, through the Human Resource Development Section, submitter the Division Level Consolidated RPMS-PPST Data to the Regional Office on 3 September 2019, a day before the deadline of submission.

Article written by:

Maria Elena C. Alunday (Master Teacher - PCES)

Dominique T. Rivera, Ph.D. (Senior Education Program Specialist - HRD)

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