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SDO San Juan Learners Post the Highest Passing Rate Over the Years for the Philippine Educational Pl

The SDO San Juan championed once again the quest towards continuous improvement by registering significant increase in the percentage of passers in the Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT) based on the data released recently by the Bureau of Education Assessment (BEA).

The PEPT is a nationally administered assessment for learners in special circumstances. The result of this year’s assessment from November 2017 – June 2019 is a resounding success as it shows an increasing trend in the division of San Juan.

Administering a test is not easy. In fact, there is a test schedule but no allowance for teacher- examiners, nor is certain that there is anything to be hoped for. Yet our beloved teachers continue to serve in fulfilling their sworn duties.

SDO San Juan posted yet another breakthrough through the unwavering, dedicated service of our hardworking and open-hearted teachers, Ms. Melecita S. Lelis, Ms. Rosalina A. Arenas, Ms. Maria Rosemarie Annie F. Mate, Ms. Maria Anthonette H. Salvador from San Juan National High School, along with Mr. Erwin Dela Cruz, Ms. Rhollette Benedicto, Ms. Magdalena Rosopa, Mr. Rex Kimberly Cabrera from the Pinaglabanan Elementary School and the dependable and supportive SDO San Juan staff, Ms. Realiela Santos, Ms. Jennifer Arellano, Ms. Nora Ocampo, Ms. Anabel Braza, Mr. Mark Edison Villegas, Mr. Bonibal Rebenito, Mr. Noel Abella, Ms. Mary Ann Panti and Ms. Marilyn Pallares.

For them, it is important that they provide their service as they help children who wanted to change their lives. Sunday is the test administration and even if they were supposed to be with their families, they chose to serve the learners by being present at the site to administer the test. They had to put aside their families’ welfare first “para sa bata at para sa bayan.”

The data below shows the fruit of love and effort of these dedicated public servants:

Date Rate of Passers

November 2017 42%

June 2, 2018 41%

June 10, 2018 49%

November 19, 2018 51%

June 9, 2019 86%

It is only a proof that pure sacrifices bear good and worthy fruit...This is SDO San Juan that keeps on growing and shining.

Article written by:

Helen S. Acedo – Education Program Supervisor/Division Testing Coordinator

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