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SDO San Juan Expresses Support with San Juan City’s “DENG-GET OUT CAMPAIGN”

The SDO San Juan is one with the City Government of San Juan’s campaign to get rid of Dengue-causing mosquitoes. This campaign is headed by the City Mayor Francisco Javier M. Zamora, in coordination with the Schools Division Office of San Juan, as they welcome the Department of Health Secretary, Francisco Duque III, at Pinaglabanan Elementary School last August 29, 2019 for the launching of the City-wide Dengue Clean-up Drive.

Students, teachers, parents and representatives from the barangays and city government were in attendance to gain better understanding about the recently announced national dengue epidemic.

Hon. Francisco Javier Zamora reminded everyone that their participation will greatly impact the success of the “Deng-get Out” program. The City Government is actively implementing projects to combat the spread of the disease. These include the distribution of olyset nets to all public schools and the launching of the 4 o’clock habit in the schools and barangays. Olyset nets, insecticide-treated nets that can drive away and kill mosquitoes, are installed on the windows of the schools. The 4 o’clock habit is a synchronized clean-up drive aimed to destroy possible breeding places of mosquitoes.

Department of Health Secretary, Francisco Duque III, related that he has been going around the country over the past few weeks not only to give awareness to the increased number of dengue cases in the Philippines, but also to know the situation in the different schools, barangays and the city as a whole. On August 5, he declared a national dengue epidemic as this year’s 208,970 number of cases is already doubled than that of last year, and a total of 882 deaths. “This may be the year we will have record-breaking dengue cases,” he said. He highlighted the 4S strategy to be practiced on a daily basis. First is Search and Destroy- where the 4 o’clock habit comes into play. With this strategy, possible breeding places of Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes, the vector in the spread of dengue, must be eliminated, which includes tires, vases, containers, water bottles, etc. with stagnant water. Second strategy is to Seek Early Consultation. He urged mothers, fathers, and grandparents not to wait for the 3rd or 4th day from the onset of fever to seek consultation because the real danger of having dengue is dehydration. Third is Self-protective Measures which include application of insect repellents, wearing of long sleeves a long pants and avoid wearing black or dark-colored clothing as Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors. Fourth S is Support space spraying (misting) in identified areas with clustering of dengue cases. Lastly, he also added a fifth S which stands for Sustain Hydration especially for those with fever as dehydration will cause implications in the functions of the body’s vital organs.

He noted that the City of San Juan reportedly has one of the lowest number of cases in NCR, and more impressively, zero dengue casualty. He commended the efforts of the City Government, with the leadership of Mayor Francis Zamora, in the prevention, control and clinical best practice management that resulted to zero deaths in the city. He also announced that the DOH NCR - Center for Health Development is ready to complement and augment all supply and logistical needs of the city to mount an effective response to this epidemic.

“The sense of gain must be reflected by the way we prioritize our responses to the national dengue epidemic,” Secretary Duque challenged, encouraging everyone to continue to do their part, and work together to keep the city clean and safe for the San Juaneños.

Article written by:

Michelle Cielito C. Abraham (Division Nurse II)

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