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SJNHS Scribes Amplify Journalistic Skills through Series of Trainings

With the aim to enrich their journalistic skills and maintain interest thereof, campus scribes from San Juan National High School underwent a series of skills enhancement training all throughout the month of July which were made possible thru the effective coordination of their respective school paper advisers (SPA) with different individuals who are deemed relevant to their respective fields.

Mrs. Gianelli Magdael, SPA in Filipino stated that it is part of their action plan to provide trainings to their young writers throughout the duration of the school year. “We would normally look online for possible seminars which if not for free are at least easy on the pocket. And more to that, fortunately throughout the years, we were able to establish some connections with some people whom we know can help us anytime we need them.” she further explained.

On July 5, Science editors of different school publications from around Metro Manila attended the ‘Science Journalism Training for Campus Journalists and School Paper Advisers’ at the UP Film Studio, University of the Philippines. Here, Jonee Elopre Jr. of ‘The Pioneer’ and Jonalyn Armada of ‘Ang Sagisag’, along with their advisers, not only learned from a variety of capable speakers about the importance of science communicators in relaying science related news and the effective ways of bringing it to the public but they were also able to rub elbows with real and esteemed scientists on the field of Computational Physics and Astrophysics.

“I learned a lot and it definitely made me feel like I still have a lot to learn about science writing. The scientists also opened my eyes to a whole new wonders of science,” Elopre quipped when asked how he felt about the training.

The following day, July 6, staff members of both publications had a mentoring session with their predecessors who are now all in senior high school, among of which is Ernest John Marquez who was a qualifier during last year’s National Schools Press Conference. Categories which were covered on this day include news writing, editorial writing, photojournalism, and layouting. Not only was this mentoring session beneficial in reinforcing what the young journalists already know but it also became a venue for the previous members to orient their successors on the reality of a campus journalists’ life, their responsibilities and the hardships their tasks entail. Through this, current members had something to look forward to thus further strengthening their drive to learn more about the craft. A continuation of this mentoring took place on July 27 this time covering feature writing, science writing, sports writing and editorial cartooning. It was held in the Speech laboratory.

July 13 saw not only the publications’ editorial staff but also students who were taking Journalism classes from grades 9 and 10 exercise their journalistic skills as they undergo an intensive training under the tutelage of Mr. Earl Victor Rosero, a veteran journalist and media practitioner who was once part of GMA News Online, Radio-TV Malacañang and The Manila Times among others. Here, the students got a thorough understanding of the different categories that they might be encountering if they ever compete during schools press conferences. Mr. Rosero in all honesty stated that high school journalists coming from the division has all the potentials but that they still have a long way to go. This of course served as a challenge to both the SPAs and the young writers. The annual affair, organized by the SPAs were aptly titled “Training-Workshop on Campus Journalism 2019” and was conducted in the SJNHS Library.

And on July 20, five members from each publication headed to World Trade Center in Pasay City with their respective advisers to attend Science Journo Ako’s ‘Seminar on Vlogging’. Coinciding with the National Science and Technology Week (NSTW), it was a surreal treat for everyone in attendance especially when the final task for the said seminar required participants to perform vlogging activities in the NSTW’s Science Exhibit itself - a big showroom of science delight and wonders. Shirbert Villanueva, The Pioneer EIC, who was active during the seminar stated it was among the seminars he enjoyed the most and he gathered a lot of ideas.

One of the speakers Jerald Uy, a journalist and a vlogger, during his talk has this to say why vlogging is a good alternative in delivering news to the public, “The people need a fresh way of listening to news especially those related to science, and vlogging definitely will get their interests because it is less formal than news reports and the delivery feels more personal for them since it’s as if vloggers are talking to them.”

Mr. Marlon Cruz, SPA in English explained that more to just getting the young journalists prepared for a contest, they wanted to retain their interest so as to keep the spirit of journalism in the school alive the whole year round. He and his partner are hoping to find more similarly informative seminars and training on the succeeding months to come more especially before the school press conferences kick off.

Article written by:

Mr. Marlon N. Cruz (Teacher II - SJNHS)

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