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Positive Words Go Extra Miles

"The best opportunity to refresh an educator's soul and bring out the best of their bests," said Patrick Frayna, a teacher-participant from Quezon Province in the recently concluded seminar-workshop for English Language teachers dubbed as Reframing: The Power of Positive Language conducted by the American English TESOL Leadership Training of Trainers and Schools Division Office-San Juan City on July 20, 2019. The topic was adopted from the American English Webinar Series delivered by Sally White, an English Language Fellow in Hungary.

The event was attended by 22 teachers from different Schools Division Office in the National Capital Region and Quezon province with Dr. Rebecca C. Sagot, U.S. Department of State Alumna and Assistant Schools Division Superintendent- Davao Del Norte and Panabo City as the Resource Speaker.

From Webinar to Small Group Discussion, Dr. Sagot taught the participants simple ways to frame what the teacher may say to students that will encourage them to participate in the class. She started the workshop by motivating them using the "Phrase It" activity, wherein the participants were grouped into four and given a card with phrases printed on it. They should use the "phrases it" card in a sentence spontaneously, and then she gradually shifted into framing the language used. Participants were challenged to reframe the English language in the classroom focusing on the positive things only. This way, the students may increase their confidence and may feel empowered, motivated, and accomplished in their learning, which can result in a successful teaching and learning process.

Dr. Rina Angeles, Project Head of American English TESOL Leadership Training of Trainers and Senior High School Faculty of San Juan National High School-Senior High, ended the session by thanking Dr. Alejandro G. Ibanez (Superintendent), Ms. Flordelisa A. Pereyra (ASDS), Dr. Helen Padilla (CID-Chief) and Ms. Marnelli B. Tolentino (EPS-English & Journalism) for always supporting the program of the U.S Embassy in the Philippines and phrasing the participants for taking the challenge on reframing the language for positivity. "We hope you enjoyed the session, let us all be inspired and continue learning from one another because no one holds the monopoly of knowledge, share, educate, and be the channel of blessings to others," concluded Dr. Angeles.

Article written by:

Dr. Rina A. Angeles (San Juan National Senior High School)

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