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The San Juan City Science High School made a historic march to the historic landmarks of this great city - Museo ng Katipunan and El Deposito last June 11, 2019, a day before the celebration of the Philippine Independence Day.

The activity was carried out purposively in order to inculcate among the learners the values of Nationalism, Patriotism and sense of Historical Awareness “within their own City”. The City of San Juan is the seat of the first revolution initiated by Gat Andres Bonifacio in 1896 and Pinaglabanan was a strategic defensive battle area of the Spaniards wherein the famous El Deposito and El Polverin were maintained.

The school’s Academic Coordinator, Mr. Hernan L. Apurada disclosed in an interview, “This activity will strengthen our students’ awareness of the glorious historic journey of where their school stands – The Battle of Pinaglabanan. It is ironic that most of our students didn’t know about these things, and we think that having this activity will reconnect and make them proud of our city’s contribution to Philippine History”.

All eight (8) sections of San Juan City Science High School were divided in four batches with 7-Newton and 7-Euclid as the first batch. Then followed by 7-Tesla and 10-Earth, 8-Air and 8-Water and finally, 9-Sun and 9-Moon completed the visit to the two museums.

The highlight of the activity unfolded as the experience was coupled with the responsibility of processing the first-hand learning experience by requesting the students to reflect and come up with an output prepared by the Social Sstudies teachers.

The school has continuously pushed for programs, projects and activities that are truly innovative and endearing to make the learning experiences meaningful and relevant to the needs of the students.

JuanSci – Soar High!

Article written by:

Jay F. Macasieb (ASP II / Research Coordinator)

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