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San Juan Elementary School – Bringing Into the Limelight

It is but proper to pay respect or acknowledge the effort of the proponent of this project in the person of Mr. Lloyd T. Tulaylay, the school principal of San Juan Elementary School during the launching of this humble project entitled, “Project LIPAD PA“ or also known as “ Linangin Isipin Pagyamanin ang mga Akademikong Dumadaloy at Pagsasanay.” The proponent of the said project wanted the learners of San Juan Elementary School to dream bigger, believe harder, and achieve their goals in life, standing a bit taller, rose a little higher, and be a little better. But how could this be done? This project simply implies Soar High. Soar high by letting each learner edify, think, strengthen, and enhance their capabilities through academic excellence.

In an interview with the project proponent, he stressed that this would be done quarterly. The target is two-three days before the periodic examination which is to be conducted by the different learning coordinators per grade level. They will aim to provide the learners with study guide that summarizes what they have learned and what will be covered in the examination. In particular, this will help identify both the strength and weaknesses of each learner. He further disclosed that this will be conducted in the classroom to be facilitated by the teachers. In this way, the learners who are the recipients of this project, will be able to develop their capabilities as they bring the school of San Juan Elementary School in the limelight of Education and the ROAD TO NATIONAL PROSPERITY.

Article written by:

Angelo Stephen D. Josue (San Juan ES Teacher)

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