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The Brigada Eskwela or Maintenance Week which was concluded last May 25, 2019 is evaluated by SDO San Juan City on May 31, 2019 during the culminating activity. Attendees are School Heads with their Brigada Eskwela Coordinators together with all the SDO Personnel. Schools are given instruction to present the highlights of their BE Implementation as well as their outputs. It was followed by critiquing from the Dr. Alejandro G. Ibañez, Schools Division Superintendent; Mrs. Flordelisa D. Pereyra, Assistant Schools Division Superintendent and School Governance and Operations Division (SGOD) Personnel.

The awards given for the Brigada Eskwela were based from the feedback and data gathered by the Division Brigada Eskwela Monitoring Team. The following are the awards given to the respective recipients who received a 12 inches Glass Plaque each.

Resource Mobilization Award

An award given to the Pinaglabanan Elementary School and San Juan National High School for garnering the highest amount of in-kind resource generated during the Brigada Eskwela 2019 from May 20 – 25, 2019. This excludes the man hour from volunteers.

Advocacy Award

Given to Salapan Elementary School and Kabayanan Elementary School, who exerted extra ordinary efforts to influenced and encouraged their respective community to participate in the Brigada Eskwela 2019. Mostly of its participant volunteers are residents of the catchment areas of their school.

Social Mobilization Award

San Juan Elementary School and San Juan City Senior High School received this award for having highest number of diverse volunteers during the Brigada Eskwela Week, May 20-25, 2019. They also hold the largest amount of volunteer man hours.

Disaster Management Award

An award presented to the schools who focuses on the integration of Disaster Risk Reduction Management Activity in their weeklong celebration of the Brigada Eskwela 2019. Many of their in-kind resources are for disaster preparedness of their learners and this was given to Nicanor Ibuna Elementary School.

Creativity and Innovation Award

For their unique way of advertising the Brigada Eskwela to the surrounding community, San Juan City Science High School and San Perfecto Elementary School received this award.

Repair & Maintenance Award

Pedro Cruz Elementary School and Sta. Lucia Elementary School received this award for focusing on repair and maintenance of its facilities during the Brigada Eskwela 2019.

Also part of the celebration is the awarding for the Brigada Opisina. This is a division initiated activity which is anchored with the Brigada Eskwela and 5S Principles implemented in the Schools Division Office from May 27-31, 2019. The Quality Work Place Committee do an evaluation during this period. The following awards were given to the respective recipients basing from the output of each unit. Each received a 12 inches’ glass plaque.


The Luntian Award

The offices of the Schools Division Superintendent and Assistant Schools Division Superintendent were the recipients of the Luntian Award for overseeing the smooth operation of quality workplace for the up-coming school year.

Seiri Award

An award given to the Curriculum Implementation Division (CID), Accounting Unit and Learning REcources Management & Development Service (LRMDS) who tops in implementing the sorting of files and records as set in the 5S Principles.

Seiton Award

Administrative and Personnel Sections received the Seiton Award for their presentation of the principle of setting everything in order.

Seiso Award

This year’s Seiso Award is given to the Cash Section. This award is the only one-time step in the principles of 5S which focuses in making very corner of the office clean and Shine.

Seiketsu Award

Due to the nature of their offices, which focus on standardizing everything in their respective sections, Property & Supply Section, Budget Office and Health and Nutrition Section received the Seiketsu Award.

Shitsuke Award

For sustaining the principles of 5S in preparation for the opening of classes and for showing that their personnel inculcated in their culture the true meaning of sustaining processes and systems in their operations, School Governance and Operations Division together with the Records Section received this year’s Shitsuke Award.

SDO San Juan is the first among the 16 Schools Division Offices in the National Capital Region to conduct the said activity. After the evaluation and awarding ceremonies, the participants enjoined a sumptuous boodle fight prepared by the Schools Division Office.

Article written by:

Cristopher E. Cabradilla (Education Program Specialist II)


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