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SDO - San Juan holds Seminar-Workshop on the Speech Therapeutic Intervention for the LSENs

DepEd San Juan held the first Seminar-Workshop (SW) Speech Therapeutic Intervention for Learners with Special Education Needs (LSENs) on 24 May 2019 at the SDO Conference Hall. Division Special Education (SpEd) Coordinator, Mrs. Elsa L. Gella initiated the activity which was participated in by SpEd teachers and selected regular teachers from different schools . The morning session started with the singing of a nationalistic song, prayer and presentation of the participants by Mr. Anselmo B. Joven, Education Program Supervisor in ALS, ALIVE and Kindergarten. Mrs. Elsa L. Gella then welcomed all the participants and guests followed by SDO San Juan CID – Chief, Dr. Helen G. Padilla and OIC – Office of the Schools Division Superintendent, Alejandro G. Ibańez, CESO VI, delivered the inspirational message.

Mr. Jeremiah James C. Pinca, CSP PASP, who was introduced by Dr. Joanne L. Gella, gave an overview on the Speech Language Pathology and emphasized the objectives of the seminar; to provide definition of Speech Pathology, to describe the nature of work of Speech Pathologists, to list down places of work of Speech Pathologists and to identify the specific clientele that speech pathologist work with. He stressed the speech and language strategies for classroom teachers and presented some case studies to further discuss the strategies inside the classroom. The resource person shed light on the Language Disorder, Pragmatic Disorders, Auditory Processing & Comprehension Deficit, Hearing Impairment, Oral-Motor Disorder, Myofunctional Disorders, Swallowing / Feeding Problems, Fluency Disorders and Academic Problems. To reinforce the abstraction, he asked the participants to write down the common problems encountered in classroom where he then determined the common causes and the actions to be taken. It was followed by the working break as the speaker continued to discuss his topic. Lunch was served at around 12:30 in the afternoon.

The afternoon discussion started with an energizer to enliven the participants. Augmentative Alternative Communication, AAC was touched by the same speaker and he gave an example on the Social Stories wherein all the participants were asked to make their own examples. He correspondingly tackled the objectives of Social Stories which were to identify the target behavior, to write the story from the learners’ perspective, to be specific and positive and to consider motivators, vocabulary, print size, and pictures or photos.On the latter part of the seminar, simulation activity was steered and he let all the participants answer some questions based on the given case study. Each group was given the opportunity to discuss their answers.

Certificates were given to the participants and Resource Person before the Division SpEd Coordinator delivered the closing remarks.

Article written by:

Rex Kimberly D. Cabrela (SpEd Teacher I – PES)

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