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SDO San Juan City Conducts Swift Inspection and Unannounced Quake Drill after the Tremor

The SDO San Juan City responds immediately by inspecting the structural integrity of the school buildings, SDO Office, and other structures triggered by a 6.1 magnitude earthquake that shook Metro Manila and other neighboring provinces on Monday afternoon of April 22, 2019.

Assisted by a team of Disaster Risk Reduction Management (DRRM) coordinators and Basic Occupational Safety and Health officers, Mr. Allan Eliezer M. Mal-In, Administrative Officer V, led the group in inspecting thoroughly one after another the school buildings in the division to ensure that the safety of the learners, school personnel and stakeholders is not compromised. This move is also in response to the directive of Malacañang and DepEd to undertake thorough investigation of all school buildings and facilities before allowing learners, teachers and personnel to enter the same.

The earthquake has revealed the decisive and resilient nature of the OIC-SDS of the Division of San Juan City, Dr. Alejandro G. Ibañez, who did not waste time organizing the team on the day the jolt occurred. “We need to ensure that our learners, school personnel and other stakeholders are safe and sound before going back to the buildings and other structures”, Dr. Ibañez stressed.

Following the inspection, Dr. Ibañez further instructed Mr. Roy Dan Pido, Division DRRM Coordinator, to hold an unannounced Earthquake Drill in the Division Office to fully prepare and acclimatize all personnel that protocols pertaining to disaster preparedness are being implemented and deeply ingrained in the system of everyone.

The SDO San Juan City personnel carried out an organized response to an Earthquake Drill last April 24, 2019, two days after the tremor that sowed massive fear and anxiety among our people. “The drill revealed the preparedness of everyone because an element of surprise did not deter our personnel to follow disaster protocols”, Mr. Pido surmised in an interview.

More than ever, consistent disaster preparation is key to be better equipped and practically respond to disaster just in case a scenario like this happens, and to stay alert and remain calm would save us from unforeseen eventualities.

Article written by:

Jay F. Macasieb (ASP II / Research Coordinator)

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