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Senior High’s Immersion Program: New Partners, Another Success Story

On its second year of implementation, the San Juan National High School – Senior High (SJNHS-SH) reaped another success story for its Work Immersion Program for this School Year 2018-2019. The program, in response to the current DepEd’s thrust of preparing the students for job readiness proved to be an effective way in matching the industries’ needed knowledge and skills with prospective job applicants via the senior high school students’ right knowledge and competencies earned from the school.

For School Year 2017 – 2018, the Senior High partnered with ten (10) industries where students from the four (4) strands had been distributed (ABM, GAS, TVL-Caregiving & EIM):

1. The Local Government of San Juan

2. BIR – SJ

3. City Service Welfare Development (CSWD)

4. Little Sister for the Elderly

5. Music Museum (Promenade)

6. Pinaglabanan Credit Cooperative

7. PhlPost – SJ

8. PNP – SJ

9. PowerAire

10. San Juan Medical Center

Last year, Carlito S. Dolot from Gr. 12 TVL-EIM was hired by the PowerAire as aircon installer. Dolot was also a recipient of the Best in Work Immersion – EIM Category. Pinaglabanan Credit Cooperative and the Little Sisters also offered work for one ABM and Caregiving students respectively. However, Rea Bachar (ABM) prioritized her college study while Kassandra Webb (TVL-CG) accepted another job after graduation. For GAS, Mark Manocan was hired as a part-time tutor of some parents for their children while his day care immersion was on-going and even after the program.

For this year, fourteen (14) new industries have been added in the roster of Work Immersion Program partners totalling now to twenty four (24). There are seven (7) each partner industries for Academic/TVL tracks and TVL-Cookery/FBS strands:

Academic/TVL: TVL-Cookery/FBS:

1. A Best Print & Cust 1. 1. 7Flavors Restaurant

2. Automation & Security, Inc. (ASI) 2. Erns’ Eatery

3. CoEnnovations, Inc. 3. Gerry’s Restaurant

4. Landbank – SJ 4. Grayson’s

5. Local Health Center 5. Kuya J Restaurant

6. Museo ng Kagitingan 6. McDonald’s Phils.

7. Prosecutor’s Office of San Juan 7. Shakey’s Restaurant

Most of the partner industries especially for the TVL strands expressed their willingness to accept the Senior High in their respective companies. Although majority of the students declined the offer due to prioritization for their college study, some of them are already working as part-timers at present and others will pursue the offer while studying.

Adelfa Lopez of ABM was immediately tapped to work as a part-time staff in Pinaglabanan Credit Cooperative for a brief period;

Aljean Cedillo, Cookery is highly lauded by Erns Eatery owner and will work immediately after graduation;

Mark Anthony Yahot of Cookery and Charles Quinain of FBS are already working as part-time/on-call crew in Greyson’s.

Other FBS students to work immediately right after graduation are the following: Chrixia Anne Maraya agreed to work as a part-time receptionist in 7Flavors Restaurant; Benben Lastrilla as crew for Gerry’s Restaurant; Mark Abner Puertollano as crew for McDonald’s Agora; and Louise Joy Perono and Angiely Panisal also as crew for Shakey’s Hemady.

PowerAire once again expressed that their company is open to accept the senior high graduates which also includes other companies - ABest, CoEnnovations and the Little Sisters for the Elderly.

Indeed, the SJNHS-SHS Work Immersion Program therefore proved to be a resounding success in response to DepEd’s thrust, opening a gateway in proving the students’ knowledge and learned competencies for industry-to-student job-matching in accordance to industry’s needs.

Work Immersion Program

McDonalds Greenhills and Madison

7 Flavors

Kuya J

Gerry’s Grill

Article written by:

Evelyn S. Plaza (ABM Teacher & Focal Person, Immersion Program)

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