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SDO San Juan City Conducts Competency-Building Activity on Scientific Research for Teachers and Lear

SDO San Juan City initiated a training on enhancing the capability of Science Teachers, Research Advisers and selected students in conducting Science Investigatory Project last February 7-9, 2019 at the SDO Conference Hall. This training was participated in by the Junior and Senior High School Science Teachers/Research Advisers, Grade 6 Science Teachers, and selected students from the Junior High School and Senior High School.

Conducting Scientific Research is one of the primary goals of the 21st Century Science Education. It aims to cater the holistic development of the Filipino learners so that they will be able to improve their 21st century skills such as communication skills, life and career skills, as well as information skills, media and technology skills.

Dr. Alejandro G. Ibañez, CESO VI, OIC-SDS of SDO San Juan City stated in his Inspirational Remarks, “This training is one of my pet projects because research is close to my heart.” As an advocate of research, he was happy to see students who took part in the training as this will mold them to become scientists in the future. He further stressed that he is excited to see the results of the training on the Scientific Research that teachers and students will be able to submit projects as an application of the training.

The training culminated with the presentations of the three competent and expert resource persons namely, Mr. Don King O. Evangelista (Research Adviser from SDO Navotas), Mr. Virgilio D. Alcayde (Master Teacher I from SDO Quezon City), and Ms. Luzviminda A. Dinglasan (Master Teacher I from SDO Manila). They separately spoke on the preparations, formulation of the problem, the processes involve, the Dos and Don’ts in conducting science investigatory project, Scientific Writing, Ethical Standards, and even critiquing of the outputs of the participants.

The SDO San Juan City continuously find avenues to cater to the needs of the teachers and the students in the field of Scientific Research. It also envisions that schools will be known in terms of Science Investigatory Projects, in the Regional, National, and even International level recognitions.

Article written by:

Hernan L. Apurada (Division Science Coordinator)

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