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SDO San Juan City Launches One Solid Positive San Juan: A Capacity-Building Towards Organizational E

The SDO San Juan City held its first move towards positivity and possibility in the workplace last December 19 and 20, 2018 at the Conference Hall of the SDO Building with the end view of transforming public servants to work with purpose and meaning, being more positive and engaged at work, and value what they do whatever their roles in the organization.

This activity was made possible through the Local Government Unit led by the ever-supportive and radiantly beautiful Madam Guia G. Gomez.

Dr. Alejandro G. Ibañez, CESO VI, considered this as a laudable project as he is an advocate of the power of positivity formula with its framework “Think well, Feel well and Do well”.

The participants, composed of school heads, division chiefs, and all other SDO personnel, were treated with authentic array of invigorating activities that are rolled into three modules - Module 1 Think Well (Harmonizing life through purpose), Module 2 Feel Well (Maintaining inner peace and joy) and Module 3 Do Well (Doing mindful and meaningful actions). Each module is designed to empower employees to be more positive, happy and fulfilled at work.

The capacity-building activity was facilitated by a group of competent positivity gurus from the Institute of Integrality, Inc. led by Dr. Cristine Margaret Atienza, President and Founder, together with Ms. Shelley Gurrobat, Ms. Ian Culibao, and Ms. Val Averia. All speakers elucidated the latest science and art on the power of positivity in achieving organizational efficacy despite the daily demands encountered by employees in performing their tasks.

When asked about the outcome of the training to the participants, Dr. Ibañez has this to say – “The people are our top priority in SDO San Juan. We care for their welfare, growth and development. That is why we want everyone to be solidly ONE in terms of how they think, feel and do in the workplace so that together, we are able to deliver”.

The SDO San Juan City prides itself as One Solid organization as it imbibes among all its members the reinforced tagline of SDO-San Juan public servants: THRIVING ON POSITIVITY AND POSSIBILITY. SHINE!

The SDO San Juan City Family as they thrive on positivity The SDO San Juan school heads while working on an and possibility. experiment as part of the activities.

Article written by:

Jay F. Macasieb (ASP II / Research Coordinator)


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