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Hard Work and Determination Makes a Difference

Success is not achieved overnight.

To attain success, it requires a process and this process would be long and tedious. Traversing the path of success, you need to walk on rocky road of adversaries and troubles. It takes a lot of determination and intrinsic motivation to accomplish it. Hence, you have to be tough and strong to get you in the world of success.

In this modern world, it is seldom for us to hear someone who came through a remarkable feat, and another, and another. (It looks redundant, but it is real.) In the real sense of the world, getting one achievement is hard to earn. How much more getting one after another, after another. It’s crazy, right?

Someone in our rank and file had done this tremendous feat that only a few made it. He is Dr. Jay Fernandez Macasieb. He is a Master Teacher from San Juan National High School. He is currently designated as Division Research Coordinator. His expertise in research will help to bolster the research capabilities of the teachers in the Division of San Juan City.

He has earned his Doctor in Educational Management degree last October 2017 at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. It is not easy to get a doctoral degree in this University. You need to bleed and sweat it out to finish and earn your program. PUP is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) as Level IV State University. It is at par with the big Universities in the country.

After getting a DEM degree, he has earned the coveted and prestigious award as “Natatanging Guro ng San Juan 2017” given annually by the City of San Juan. He exceeded the challenging requirements and expectations for this award. His intelligence, ambitions, and accomplishments complemented precisely the criteria to be the recipient of such award.

Furthermore, he became a national and international presenter in Research. He participated in several Research Congresses here in the Philippines and abroad. In fact, he became a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Educators, Singapore last June 2018. A group that only recognizes significant achievements of professionals in various fields of endeavor.

Moreover, he took the Qualifying Examination for School Heads or NQESH last December 2017. And guess what, he was one of the two examinees in the division of San Juan to pass the exam. According to him, “The examination was challenging and tricky. I was not sure if I could pass the exam. I just prepared hard for it and thanks God I made it”. The examination is comprised of seven domains that constitute the work of a principal. You should not get below 70% in every domain, otherwise, you will fail.

This man didn’t stop as he hurdled again in August 2018 the dreaded Career Executive Service Written Exam (CESWE) which is intended for those aiming for third level positions in the government. In short, this test is only for the Superintendents and Directors of a department.

Previously, he got his promotion as Assistant Principal II and was assigned as the Officer-In-Charge of the San Juan City Science High School. As a leader, he is very hands-on and committed to his chosen vocation. He wants all the learners to become holistically-developed citizens of the country who are productive and life-long learners.

His story is just one of those examples that supported the idea that “when it rains, it pours”.

Truly, the celestial bodies in the universe will conspire for you to receive what you have been working for so long. Just keep going, strive harder and believe in yourself!

Article written by:

Hernan L. Apurada (San Juan National High School)

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