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The members of the SJCTFG in their various adventures for health The many faces of being a healthy teacher rolled into one group

The SAN JUAN CITY TEACHERS’ FITNESS GROUP pushes for yet another milestone in the lives of their pupils/students as they run the tracks, tread the mountain trails, lift the weights and other physically indulging activities to prepare themselves for a greater battle – Teaching!

The group, as its name suggests, is composed of teachers from the elementary and secondary schools who have varied fitness levels and are true believers of the old maxim “Health is Wealth”. The group was organized by Mrs. Reygin L. Metran together with five other teachers in San Juan National High School. But after a month, the group boosts a tremendous growth with at least 30 active members.

According to Mrs. Metran, the group was created for the teachers of San Juan City with the following objectives:

1. To promote fitness and well-being among members;

2. To create an avenue for healthy lifestyle; and

3. To foster the spirit of camaraderie and lifelong friendships.

“We wanted to push for the idea that a ‘healthy teacher is an efficient teacher’ and this could only be achieved through an active lifestyle”, Mrs. Metran clarified. “The group are engaged in different physical activities that not only develop physical vitality but also nourish the mental faculties of a person which are necessary in surviving the mundane tasks lodged daily to a teacher”, she said.

In this busy world, the primary investment that everyone could ever have is the investment on health. After all, teachers who epitomize healthy lifestyle among their students will undoubtedly have a lasting influence because they live longer than those who do not. So if you are a teacher, what are you waiting for? Join the group in order to have a better and healthier life!

Article written by:

Jay F. Macasieb, DEM (San Juan National High School)

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