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Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa 2017

The National Language Month or Buwan ng Wika is celebrated annually. It is done to fully implement Presidential Proclamation No. 1041, encourage all government agencies and private sectors to be part of programs that raise language and civic consciousness and to show the importance of language which is better than the national development. This event unites us, Filipinos, and reminds us that we came from diverse regions with various cultures.

Salapan Elementary School was one with the nation in celebrating Buwan ng Wika. The pupils, faculty and staff headed by Mr. Lloyd Tulaylay and the other stakeholders came up with a lot of activities for this event. For the pupils to really appreciate the celebration of Buwan ng Wika, they wore Filipiniana costume every Friday. The teachers decorated the classrooms and put up bulletin board displays which have to do with the region assigned to their grade level. To enhance the pupils’ talents and skills, various contests were held. Each class was represented in the slogan and poster making contests which centered on the theme “Filipino, Wikang Mapagbago”, poem recitation or storytelling contest. On August 23, the teachers allotted time for pupils to enjoy “Palarong Pinoy”. Each grade level played famous Filipino games like sack race, tumbang preso, luksong baka, agawang panyo, luksong tinik, piko, and patintero to name a few. Weeks before the culminating activity, the different classes practiced for their dance numbers and prepared the needed costumes and props. On August 31, 2017, those who attend the morning classes held the program at 7 a.m. while those who have the afternoon sessions had it at the Salapan covered court. The program hosted by Mrs. Marrilour T. Bulfango began with the singing of the National Anthem followed by a prayer then the welcome remarks said by Mr. Anthony Q. Aguilar, the MT-in-charge in Filipino. When the purpose of the event had been stated, Mr. Lloyd T. Tulaylay, the principal, and Mrs. Eulafel C. Pascual, the Education Program Supervisor in Filipino gave their messages to those present. The master teacher- in-charge introduced the judges and the ASTP-in-charge gave the criteria for judging before the presentation. The awarding of certificates to the winners in the different contests came next. The program ended with the closing remarks given by Mrs. Gleanne L. Hernandez, the Filipino coordinator. Together with their teachers, the pupils and their parents went back to school for a salusalo where Filipino foods are served.

The active involvement of the pupils, teachers, staff members, the school head and of course the parents in this activity is undeniable. All of them shared their time, efforts, and resources to make the celebration of Buwan ng Wika 2017 victorious. Congratulations, everyone!

Article written by:

Mr. Lloyd T. Tulaylay (Salapan Elementary School, Principal I)

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