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5th Summer Reading Camp Across Learning Areas in an Inclusive Education

Summer Reading Camp is a supervised program for children. This program offers an exciting opportunity for both teachers and pupils to enjoy the teaching – learning process during vacation. It is designed to guide and help teachers in teaching pupils who struggle in their studies especially in reading. It gives the pupils the chance to develop / increase their level of proficiency or ability in reading and understanding across learning areas in an inclusive education through guided instruction that is both fundamental and fun.

Salapan Elementary School supports the advocacy of providing quality education towards molding holistic learners. It offers assistance to pupils who are academically challenged. This explains why Summer Reading Camp has been a part of the SES curriculum.

Before the opening of Salapan Elementary School 5th Summer Reading Camp, certain activities were conducted and committees were formed to thoroughly organize this program. The Activity Plans and Designs Committee brainstormed with the school head, Mr. Lloyd T. Tulaylay, the master teachers and the regular teachers to make the program successful. The committee and the other teachers involved in this program oriented the concerned pupils and their parents on what has to be done during the camp. Teachers were able to diagnose the pupils’ level of proficiency through a pre – test. They prepared the materials and the activities ahead of time.

Aligned with the DepEd Memorandum, Salapan Elementary School held a kick – off ceremony to formally begin the 5th Summer Reading Camp on April 17, 2017 at 8 o’clock in the morning at the school lobby. The ceremony started with the singing of the National Anthem conducted by one of the ASTP’s Mrs. May Ann D. Foronda. Mr. Anthony Q. Aguilar acknowledged and welcomed all the participants. Mrs. Ma. Lalaine C. Queda discussed the objectives of the implementation of the annual Summer Reading Camp. Mrs. Marrilour T. Bulfango, the English coordinator and event organizer, presented the house rules. After the program, all campers together with their teachers proceeded to their respective classrooms. Relevant activities took place during the team building. They were given a chance to know their fellow campers, make flags, yells, and slogan to express their expectations in the said program.

The school staff, teachers, parents and pupils showed their full support and participation for the success of the first week of the program. Activities mainly focused on the development of reading skills and abilities. The pupils were exposed to different individual and group activities that would encourage them to show off their diverse talents / capabilities.

During the 5th Summer Reading Camp, the teachers-in-charge for the day monitored the learners’ attendance and sustained the interest of the camp enrollees by giving enjoyable activities as shown in the matrix especially made for the program. Teachers planned and implemented differentiated instruction in the classroom.

It was truly a fun – filled experience for all reading campers. They proved how prepared, disciplined, and determined they are to develop their abilities to learn new things. Equally important were the teachers who showed their commitment, responsibility, competence, compassion, and untiring support for the success of the program. It is an emblem of the culture of excellence for the welfare of the pupils.

Article written by:

Mr. Lloyd T. Tulaylay (Salapan Elementary School, Principal I)

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