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EsP Group Participates in MTOT for Grade 6 Teachers

The Schools Division Office of San Juan City recently held its Mass Training of Teachers (MTOT) for Grade 6 K-12 Basic Education Program at Madison 101 Hotel + Tower, Quezon City last May 8-14, 2017.

The seven-day training seminar for Grade 6 across all learning areas was participated in by Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao (EsP) group headed by Dr. Emma A. Sendiong, Education Program Supervisor for Guidance and Values Education.

On the onset of the program of activities, all the MTOT participants were given lectures on the following topics; Classroom Assessment with Mrs. Helen S. Acedo, Division Math Coordinator as discussant, Art of Questioning, with Mrs. Basilia S. Torres, MT II-KES as lecturer, Differentiated Instruction with Mrs. Eulafel C. Pascual, EPS-Filipino as facilitator, Contextualization, with Mery Jean E. Devilleres Teacher III-PES ,as speaker, Explicit Teaching, with Ms. Esterlina G. Seguan Teacher III-SJES as facilitator and Mr. Virgilio A. Santos, CID-Chief served as speaker for the most-talked about topic, Daily Lesson Log (DLL).

For the Walkthrough of the Curriculum Guide in EsP, Mrs. Ma. Cecilia A. Cajayon, Teacher III-SLES, gave a thorough explanation on the topic during the break-away session of the different learning areas. Last April, she attended the National Training of Trainers for Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao at Oasis Hotel, Tanza Cavite.

During the conduct of the training seminar, most of the teachers find difficulty in constructing the Daily Lesson Log specifically in sub-tasking the given competencies per quarter. Since the concern was identified already, the EsP group worked collaboratively and focused in this particular concern with the assistance and support of their supervisor-in-charge and trainer.

After giving ample lectures on various approaches, techniques and strategies in developing lesson plan following the spiral progression concept, the EsP group was able to come-up with a week-plan (DLL) as their individual output covering the eight weeks lessons for the first quarter.

Mrs. Abigail Marie F. Tizon of Kabayanan Elementary School was chosen by the group to culminate the lecture-demonstration teaching in EsP. She was able to deliver the concept of Differentiated Instruction, Explicit Teaching and Localization and Contextualization in her teaching. One of the best practices observed during the activity was the teacher was able to demonstrate new techniques to fasten the preparatory activities and to utilize more time in the developmental phase. The teachers who observed Mrs. Tizon verbalized their appreciation for her expertise in budgeting the thirty-minute time allotment for the subject. According to them, they will also adopt her techniques once they go back to their classrooms.

The EsP group is composed of the following teachers from different schools; Abigail Marie F. Tizon-KES, Karen joy N. Vendivel-PCES, Lovely M. Gidayawan-SJES, Maria Magdalena E. Espetero-SLES, Mayrel V. Villas-SJES, Rodylyn C. Azulis-PES, Sharmaine A. Valenzuela-SPES, and Vanica Joy I. Balidoy-PES.

Mrs. Elsa L. Gella, Division SPED Coordinator and Mrs. Nonita Y. Sajo, School Head, Pedro Cruz Elementary School served as Process Observers for Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao.

Article written by:

Dr. Emma A. Sendiong (Education Program Supervisor - Guidance and Counseling / Values Education)

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