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San Juan National High School Senior High School Joins The U.P. Geology Summit 2017

Flying higher and performing better. San Juan National High School Senior High School partakes in the recent annual Geology Summit with the theme, “Unfold. Unravel. Unleash. Exploring the Depths of Philippine Geology”, conducted by the University of the Philippines Geology Majors’ Society (U.P. GeMS) of the National Institute of Geological Sciences on January 28-29 of the current year at their very own ground, University of the Philippines – Diliman.

The UP GeMS, led by Iran Brotamonte and Jackielyn Larosa is an academic organization in pursuit of scholastic excellence and an advocate of student involvement in activities related to the protection of the environment celebrated its 42nd Founding Anniversary with the summit. The overall objective of the event was to widen students’ horizons in the field of Earth sciences as it presented plenty of opportunities in the industry and the academe aimed to:

  • Promote interest in geology among secondary school students and teachers;

  • Encourage students to strive for excellence in the earth sciences; and

  • Introduce geology as a future career path for high school students.

Among the summit events participated by our team consist of the following:

  • Geology Summit Quiz Competition (quiz bee), participated by Erica Aring, John Christian Serrano, Ela Mae Isidoro, Aljean Marie Timonan, all from STEM, Camille Irish Saranza from GAS-E, and Niña Mae Sison from GAS-B;

  • E-Say It (essay writing contest), participated by Mark Manocan of GAS-C where he secured second place;

  • Post It UP, a poster making competition participated by Mikaela Julia Natividad of ABM where she won the 3rd place;

  • Nature in a picture, a nature photography contest participated and won by Mark Robas of GAS-C;

  • Enviloquence, an impromptu speech contest participated by Jeffrey Gaufo of ABM;

  • Cookie Mining and Rock Cycle – teacher workshops attended by Mr. Zamir D. Laud, Mrs. Marissa T. Acuña, and Mr. John Enrico S. Petelo; and

  • Responsible Mining: in Defence of an Industry and Related Professions by Dr. Carlo Arcilla – teachers’ lecture session on the advantages of mining

Among the participating high schools, two public High Schools joined in – the SJNHS - Senior High School and Raja Soliman National High School while the rest are private science and catholic schools. The contest was an exhilarating event that ended well with happy and fulfilled participants.

Victors’ beam! From left: Mr. Iran Brotamonte, Mr. Zamir Laud, Mrs. Marissa Acuña, Erica Aring, Camille Saranza, Niña Sison, Ela Isidoro, Aljean Timonan, Jeff Gaufo, Mark Manocan, Earthquake simulation. The U.P. Geology Majors showing a Mark Robas, Christian Serrano, Mikaela Natividad, and simple earthquake simulation to the participating students Ms. Jackielyn Larosa during the lecture-workshop.

University of the Philippines. One of our country's prides for excellence in Higher Education visited by the SJNHS-Senior Ang Oblasyon. The Senior High School team's last destination High School Geology Summit 2017 Participants before finally heading home after the friendly competition

Article written by:

Mr. Zamir D. Laud (SHS Teacher)

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