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SES Joins the 14th National Science Quest

To promote academic excellence in Science as part of an individual’s holistic development, Salapan Elementary School joined the 14th National Science Quest of Association of Science Educators in the Philippines on February 10 – 12, 2017 in Baguio City. Mr. Lloyd T. Tulaylay, the school head, Mrs. Ma. Lalaine C. Queda, the Science coordinator and coach, Don Lawrence D. Galve, Jaydee S. Blindo, the representatives of San Juan Division for Ginoong Kalikasan Search and the Poster Making Contest respectively, together with Reese Jewej T. Camarillo, Guiliane C. Queda, and their parents attended it.

With the theme, Save Mother Earth through Sustainability of Clean and Green Environment, the three – day activity started with the registration of the aprticipants from the forty-eight (48) divisions on the first day. Participants in the elementary level had it at the Sky Rise Hotel. The contest in search of Ginoo and Binibining kalikasan was held from 8 p.m. to 12 midnight. It began with the showcase of talents of the participants. With the special participation of Reese Jewel T. Camarillo and Guiliane C. Queda, Don Lawrence D. Galve presented the story of Malakas and Maganda. The fashion show for the preparatory, the primary and intermediate levels came next. The question and answer portion focused on the theme of this year’s Science quest. The Poster Making Contest for the elementary level was held at Rizal Elementary School on the next day. Jaydee S. Balindo took part in this competition.

Competition is a significant event to motivate, encourage and strive more. It is a word that sends shivers of excitement or trepidation down the spine. Whether you crave the thrill of battle or cringe at the very thought, competition is a part of modern life. There is always positive effect in the young minds. Academic competition is designed to inspire and enlighten. You might work or as part of a team. Some competitions require rapid-fire questions and exercise cerebrum in front of an audience, while others don’t even require you to leave home. They can teach you how to handle pressures of real life challenges and it measures our perseverance and hard work.

Grade V pupil and Jaydee Balindo, Grade 6 pupil, Don Lawrence Galve through the collaborative effort of his trainors, Mrs. Ma. Lalaine C. QUeda nd Mrs. Jennelyn R. Ronquillo work hand in hand to make this battle meaningful. We gave the best support for them to experience this significant academic event that they will treasure forever.

In our continuous advocacy of MAKIISA, MAKIALAM, MAKILAHOK, we commend the strong support of our stakeholders and their parents to compete in the said quest possible. Truly, that is an emblem that they are with us in taking the road to excellence.

We owe our talent from Almighty God and the school community in developing young mind of the youth plays vital role in keeping their spirit of perseverance, hard work and determination continuously burning. Together we can make a difference to their lives. Together we can achieve more.

Mr. Lloyd T. Tulaylay (Principal I)

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