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Division Quarterly Meeting with the Private Schools of San Juan City

The Division Quarterly Meeting with the Private Schools of San Juan City was held at San Juan Division Office Conference Hall last October 18, 1:00-5:00 p.m. The activity was participated in by the school heads, assistant-to the-principal and registrar of the private schools. The CID Chief, Mr. Virgilio A. Santos together with the Education Program Supervisors in different learning areas showed their support and participation in the half-day meeting.

The program proper started with the singing of the Nationalistic Song with Dr. Susan S. Luceño, EPS for MAPEH/MSEP/PESS, conducting. This was followed by Prayer for the Lord led by Mrs. Helen G. Padilla, EPS for Science. The current president of San Juan Association of Private Schools Administrators (SAPRISA), Dr. Ingrid Yap, presented the participants.

Dr. Ingrid Yap, SAPRISA The partipants attentively listen to the President presents the participants speaker, Mr. Virgilio A. Santos

Mr. Virgilio A. Santos delivered the Inspirational Message in behalf of Dr. Joel T. Torrecampo who attended an equally important activity in the region. He also prepared a topic which entitled “Five (5) Attributes of Successful Schools”. The CID Chief garnered more admiration and loud applause from the private school participants after delivering his relevant and timely topic.

Likewise, Mr. Demie Atienza, Education Program Specialist and Mr. Arius D. Domaoal, Administrative Aide VI from School Governance Operation Division (SGOD), gave some updates on EBEIS/LIS Matters while Mr. Michael P. Rull, Project Development Officer II from Curriculum Implementation Division (CID), talked about the 1 Million Lapis Campaign. They have also entertained questions from the audience more particularly on the schedule and deadlines of the on-line entry of the names of their respective students in the Learning Information System (LIS).

One of the highlights of the meeting was the presentation of Conditions and Requirements in Application for Increase in School Fees with Mr. Allan Eliezer M. Mal-In, Administrative Officer V, as discussant. Since education is the main business of private schools, they are bound to follow some regional guidelines on tuition fee increase so as to protect the best interest of our school children.

Dr. Emma A. Sendiong, EPS for Guidance/Values Education/Private School Coordinator discussed some commonly noted deficiencies of some private schools during the monitoring and evaluation of the division team. Schools who are requesting for a permit to operate within a school year are being evaluated and monitored in terms of curriculum and facilities in accordance with Dep-Ed policies and guidelines.

The Division Quarterly Meeting with the Private Schools of San Juan City was indeed a success because of the concerted efforts of the working team who unselfishly shared their expertise and availability to make it happen.

More photos from the event.

Article written by:

Dr. Emma A. Sendiong (Education Program Supervisor - Guidance/Values Education)

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