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38th National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation

Division Seminar on Behavioral Management and Modification Techniques Training for Teachers Handling Students at Risk and Students with Special Needs. This is in connection with the celebration of the 38th National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week last July 17-23 2016 at the Division Conference Hall, SDO.

This five (5) days seminar was attended by the regular teachers in elementary and secondary schools handling students at risk and students with special needs of both public and private schools, private schools administrators/ SpEd teachers, Education Program Supervisors and School Heads. The program was facilitated by the Division Administrators/ Chief SGOD and Education Program SpEd Coordinator. Its aim is to foster awareness, understanding and acceptance of teachers to the students who are suffering from disability and behavioral problems.

The program was started with a Nationalistic song and prayer through video presentation. Mrs. Elsa L. Gella, Education Program Coordinator of SpEd welcomed the participants. Mr. Virgilio A. Santos, Chief SGOD, emphasized the purpose and importance of this seminar.

Dr. Roland Montes, Regional Education Program Supervisor delivered his speech about the learning and social behavior characteristics of special children and students at risk. He amazingly instructed the participants on how to deal with this kind of children. He reiterated the love and acceptance to this kind of students is not a hindrance to them to learn and to give their best.

After the fruitful and very convincing speech was the awarding of certificate to the great speaker headed by the Division Chief-SGOD Virgilio A. Santos assisted by the Education Program Coordinator in SpEd Mrs. Elsa L. Gella.

On the second day will make them more interesting. The program started with the Nationalistic song and prayer through video presentation.

Mrs. Arsenia C. Lara, Regional Education Program Supervisor, shared her expertise on how to identify and to assess the students with special needs. She said that knowing individual differences is an emerging task of a teacher. To assess them is necessary in order to understand their emotional needs, their interest and learning capability.

Open forum follows, Dr. Ingrid Yap, Administrator of Kids World International School shared her expertise as SpEd Administrator.

Chief SGOD Mr. Virgilio A. Santos awarded certificate of recognition for the amiable and interesting speaker Mrs. Arsena Lara.

On the third day of the seminar, the guest speaker was Mr. Michael Joseph G. Alejandria, registered occupational therapist, tackled about the innovations/ intervention resolving a student learning and behavior problem. He stated that the behavioral problems can be resolved through caring and attention. Mr. Alejandria’s talked allows curiosity and interests to all the participants.

Dr. Victoria Parambita, Education Program Supervisor in Araling Panlipunan awarded the certificate of recognition to the speaker.

Demonstration teaching in Edukasyong Pagpapakatao was conducted by Ms. Joanne L. Gella, MAEd-SpEd, SpEd Teacher I, using Grade V students as her participants. Before she started her lesson, she set rules and regulations inside the classroom and explained it one by one. Her ultimate goal was to identify the students with special needs and students at risk. Her topic is about Cyber Bullying.

Demonstration Teaching


Meeting with “Miguel’s” Adviser

Home Visitation


Remedial Class

Knowing his likes and interests (playing basketball & drawing)

Situation: Teacher: Habang nagtuturo teacher mo, natutulog ang classmate m. Ano ang gagawin mo?

Miguel: Sasabihan ko siyang bawal matulog dito. Nagtuturo si Sir.

Teacher: Yung kaibigan mo, inaasar yung classmate mong babae. Ano ang gagawin mo?

Miguel: Sasabihin ko na itigil na nya yan.

Teacher: Habang nagtuturo si teacher, tayo ng tayo ang classmate mo? Ano ang gagawin mo?

Miguel: Huwag siyang tayo ng tayo. Makinig tayo kay Ma’am

Video Presentation by Ms. Joanne L. Gella, SpEd Teacher I and Ms. Kathryn Clare Ligunas

Open Forum/ Insights/ Reflections/ Sharing their experiences

Giving of Certificates

Article written by:

Joanne L. Gella (SpEd Teacher I)

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