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Regional FTAD Supervisors laud SDO San Juan City for a successful CI Roll-out

Schools Division Office San Juan City shed light to the CI Teams of the 9 public elementary schools and secondary school for its successful Continuous Improvement (CI) Project Roll-out at Punta de Fabian Resort, Baras, Rizal, last August 24-26, 2016. Prior to the roll-out, an orientation at Pinaglabanan Elementary School, E-Classroom was held on August 22, 2016 with Dr. Nerissa R. Lomeda, SGOD Chief of the Division of Muntinlupa City, shared the CI Project of the Division.

Further, SDO San Juan City CI Team which composed of Mr. Demie S. Arienza, EPS II, Dr. Juphet A. Capuyan, Principal IV, and Mrs. Helen G. Padilla, EPS for Science showcased the Division CI Project to the participants in a form of news casting.

Mr. Virgilio A. Santos, Curriculum Implementation Division Chief, shephered DepEd San Juan City in welcoming the monitors from the Field Technical Assistance Division of the National Capital Region (FTAD-NCR) Dr. Romela M. Cruz and Dr. Vilma B. Montemayor during the opening program at Punta De Fabian.

Dr. Romela M. Cruz, gave a pat in the back of SDO San Juan City in its commitment to push DepEd’s MFO that is the delivery of basic education to the San Juaneño learners through meaningful talks such as the CI Project Roll-out. Meanwhile, Dr. Vilma Montemayor gave team building activities to the participants for them to be able to understand and internalize the meaning of their presence in the said roll-out. The activity given was processed by the facilitator Dr. Montemayor and she encouraged the CI participants to accept the responsibility of being a member of the CI team of their respective schools because the task was not just a mandate but moreover, this will make the school unified in all its undertakings.

Going through the stages:

The next parts of the roll-out were discussed by the SDO CI team. Dr. Juphet A. Capuyan, Principal IV of Pinaglabanan ES kicked –off the talk and discussion of the first stage. He asked the participants to get through the team’s organizational list of their respective schools. He also instructed the CI teams to list down the needs and wants of the customers-the learners. The processing of the activity followed through a group presentation.

The following day, Mr. Demie S. Atienza, EPS II, walked through the participants to the CI steps 3 and 4 under Stage 1 Assess. He comprehensively discussed CI step 3 Walk the process and CI step 4 Focused problem Statement. He directed the participants on a group activity after. In the afternoon, Mrs. Helen G. Padilla EPS for Science tackled CI step 5 Root Cause Analysis and CI step 6 Developing Solutions still on stage 1 Assess. Mrs. Padilla also traversed stage 2 which is analyze and trekked down CI step 7 Finalization of Improvement plan.

The last day of the roll-out were facilitated by Mr. Atienza and Dr. Capuyan. Stage 3 Act CI Step 8 Piloting the solution was handled by Mr. Atienza. Mr. Atienza, highlighted that it best to test the solutions to see whether things are working or if not a need to address key issues might be an option. Moreover, Dr. Capuyan led the discussion on CI Step 9 roll-out the solution. He emphasized that after piloting the solution had proven effective and had addressed key issues, then a roll-out or dissemination of these inputs should be undertaken by the team. But these step does not end here, there is a need to check for the progress which is CI step 10 which was discussed by Mr. Atienza. He stressed to the participants the need to evaluate the progress of the project by means of evaluation tools for continuous progression and improvement.

The integration of learning is through a group output as shown in the Presentation of draft CI Project in each school culminated the activity. Significant inputs were given based on the principles discussed on CI methodology by Mr. Virgilio A. Santos, CID Chief and the rest of the SDO CI Team. The outputs shall serve as the working documents of the CI Team in improving the identified priority of the school and the basis of the subsequent coaching sessions.

A closing message delivered by Mr. Allan Eliezer M. Mal-in Administrative Officer V of SDO San Juan City ignited the momentum of the participants. He put emphasis that CI practice will not monopolize solutions, instead the school has to come up with a unified solution and that the endeavor of having the CI Roll-out will solidify the decision making process of the school and the CI program has taught the teachers that there are a lot of rooms for improvement to better serve the primordial customers-the learners.

Article written by:

Joseph E. Villegas (Education Program Specialist II - SGOD)

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