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DepEd SJC hosts 2015 MTAP-DepEd-NCR Mathematics Seminar Workshop Annual Convention

Every graduate of the Enhanced K to 12 Basic Education Program is an empowered individual who has learned through quality education rooted on sound educational principles and geared towards excellence. This meaningful statement is cultivated in the advocacy of DepEd-MTAP in creating programs and projects that lend support to the frontliners in delivering quality education – the teachers. Continuing with the ideals of this organization, MTAP sponsored a seminar-workshop catering to the needs of elementary school teachers. This year was themed “Making K-12 Succeed.” SDO San Juan City hosted the convention where some 4,000 teachers were accommodated at Pinaglabanan Elementary School (PES) and San Juan National High School (SJNHS) last October 3-4, 2015. To say it was not an easy task is an understatement. However, with the help of local officials, division authorities and staff, school heads and teachers, the event was considered a success.

Teachers from the NCR participated in this meritorious academic event that focused on Mother Tongue in Math, Assessment, Developing Problem Solving in Six Levels of Cognition and Action Research. As early as 6:00 AM of October 3, many have started to arrive at PES to witness the Opening Program and showed their eagerness to learn. While waiting for the distinguished guests, the participants were entertained by talented students from all over the city. The program started at 9:00 AM with Mr. Hernan Apurada and Ms. May Ann Desilos as program hosts.


San Juan ES Choir performed the Doxology and Mrs. Ruzvi Guima G. Perez conducted the National Anthem. Dr. Lydia C. Abeja, PES Principal, welcomed the crowd and in her words, declared that the entire school was quite overwhelmed with the task of hosting the event. Nonetheless, with concerted efforts and warm smiles, she hoped that all guests and participants would have a nice experience.

Dr. Joel T. Torrecampo, OIC-ASDS, gave the opening remarks wherein he shared some anecdotes on the preparations done to mount the said activity. SJNHS students of Special Program for the Arts (SPA) rendered intermission numbers, an ethnic dance from Dance Troupe and an interpretative dance from Teatro, all these under the tutelage of their trainers namely, Mrs. Nogoy, Mr. Dionela and Mrs. Pascual. This was followed by the Introduction of the Guest Speaker by Dr. Torrecampo, the honorable City Mayor Guia Guanzon Gomez. Known for her motherly charms, Mayor Guia shared thoughts vital to the successful implementation of this activity.

She further stressed that while San Juan may be considered small and young compared to its neighboring mega cities, it can definitely be at par in terms of service and accommodation. She spoke of the smooth interfacing of the local and school officials who are both hardworking and proactive, and thus, committed to learn more from the partnership as they work together on future events and projects.

Meanwhile, Sis Iluminada Coronel took the opportunity to pose a challenge among teachers to not just teach but inspire students to love learning. Math may be a ‘tough’ subject for some but the experience can also be enjoyable and that is where learning can jumpstart. This was followed by the awarding of exemplary teachers namely Mr. Larry P. Abot and Mr. Domingo R. Sabbaluca Jr. from East Rembo Elementary School of the Division of Makati. In addition, Ms. Anamarie N. Cabaccan from Tipas Elementary School was the third awardee.

After the program, participants were then instructed to proceed to their respective rooms after having their lunch, which prompted people from SJNHS and PES to get ready. At SJNHS, a total of 25 rooms were used for Grades 4-6, specifically 9 rooms for Grade 4 and 8 each for Grades 5 & 6. Location maps and signages were posted at discreet places which made it easier for the participants to look for their assigned rooms. Similarly, warm and welcoming students and teachers were positioned at the lobby and different floors of the buildings in order to answer whatever query they might have. Some lecturers needed assistance on power supply as there was a power shortage in one of the rooms but this was immediately solved by providing them with extension cords. Some participants requested for additional fans which the officials readily provided for.

At around 1:15 PM, almost all rooms were in full swing and were ready for the day’s lecture. The OIC-Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Jenilyn Rose Corpuz came to visit the two centers, and with a grateful heart, she thanked Sis. Colonel for choosing SDO San Juan to be the host of this significant event, a testament that in this Division, all personnel serve with a smile and continuously promote the slogan “Tayo Para Sa Edukasyon.” The afternoon session ended a little after 4:00PM and the participants left filled with enthusiasm for the next day’s lecture.

The next day started at 9:00AM. This day proved to be memorable since Sis Coronel visited SJNHS and talked to the teachers per room. Her mere presence both inspired and challenged them with the hope that with renewed knowledge and energy, they would all return to their respective schools with more vitality and passion in the name of service for its major clientele, the students.

Article written by:

Lloyd T. Tulaylay (Education Program Supervisor - Mathematics)

Liberty Quirino (Teacher)

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