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San Juan City Hosts Regional Demonstration of K Teachers: On Spotlight

The Division of City Schools-San Juan City served as the Regional Demonstration Teaching of “K Teacher: On Spotlight” with significant mission at Division Conference Hall, San Juan City.

The Kindergarten teachers of the National Capital Region together with the Education Program Supervisors headed by Dr. Jingle L. Sergote to witnessed the Kindergarten Demonstration Teaching on e-Storytelling Teaching Learning Techniques last November 25, 2015.

The program was hosted by one the most attractive and conscientious Kindergarten teacher in Sta. Lucia Elementary School –Miss Wilma C. De Guzman who rolled out the preliminary activities.

Dr. Lydia C. Abeja, CID Chief and concurrent Principal of Pinaglabanan Elementary School gracefully welcomed the participants. She gave motivational encouragement by giving insight on her previous experiences, professional courtesy, teamwork to have an effective learning, responsible and enlighthened direction.

Mr. Anselmo B. Joven, the Education Program Supervisor in-charge of Kindergarten acknowledged the presence of Kindergarten teachers, Principals, and Supervisors and other DepEd officials. They came to equip our teachers with necessary skills and strategies in making plans, work, however, we might not have really emphasized the magnitude of responsibility such that program/projects we have created still short of target which is excellence.

Dr. Jingle L. Sergote, our simple and pretty Regional Education Supervisor in Kindergarten gave an amazing appeal to all the participants the importance of the demonstration teaching. She emphasized that “this is the right time where we can properly address the concerns in teaching our Kindergarten pupils, it is hoped that every participants must have a conviction to take active participation to improve the quality of learning outcome.”

Dr. Juphet A. Capuyan, the warm and energetic principal of San Perfecto Elementary School humbly introduced her demonstration teacher. He said that Sharmaine loves teaching so much and she continuously inspires the children to become good citizen of the community. She is strict but lovable and hardworking teacher which can be depended upon to any assigned task.

Miss Sharmaine A. Alucema, the Kindergarten Teacher of San Perfecto Elementary School demonstrated with the use of ICT on e-Storytelling teaching learning technique. The objectives are as follows: to provide kindergarten teachers with concrete understanding on the development of learning on the different instructional materials. She showed enthusiasm in using varied activities, innovative and appropriate teaching techniques.

Dr. Juphet A. Capuyan, her principal extend his outmost support to all the participants and the teachers who shared their time to attain a very successful demonstration teaching. Dr. Juphet A. Capuyan did the post conference and critiquing. It focused on what happen to the learners as a consequence of what the teacher does. It is designed to help teachers grow with self-direction, self-confidence and professional maturity rather than increase their dependence on someone judgement. He inspired the demonstration teacher with positive remarks that gained self-confidence and effective management style.

The closing remarks was delivered by our confident and ready to serve to share his insight SGOD Chief Mr. Virgilio A. Santos. He said that the principal should perform the post conference taking into consideration the suggested guide questions in conducting conference. This is one way where teachers can improve themselves quite dramatically and it is along this line where instructional supervision can be of help to the teachers.

As always we hope that the LGU will continue to persevere in their most important task of working with our school children in the variety of context at home and school-based classes activities with our warm and vivacious School Division Superintendent, Dr. Jenilyn Rose B. Corpuz.

Articles written by:

Mr. Anselmo B. Joven

Education Program Supervisor of Alternative Learning System (ALS) and Arabic Language and Islamic Values Education (ALIVE)


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