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What is Quipper School?

Quipper School is a FREE online platform for teachers and students. Quipper School consists of two parts: LINK for teachers, and LEARN for students.

Quipper School Link is where teachers manage their classes online and check students' progress. Here are a few of the awesome things that teachers can do using Quipper School Link:

  • Send assignments and practice examinations - Draw upon thousands of lessons and quizzes covering the curriculum to send work to whole classes or groups of students.

  • Create educational content - If something is missing, teachers can edit the existing content or create whole new lessons and quiz questions from scratch.

  • View and download analytics - Student progress is instantly synced between LEARN and LINK, giving teachers access to a goldmine of information on their students' work rate, attainment, strengths and weaknesses.

  • Work alone or together - LINK is designed to allow a single teacher to work with their classes, or for collaboration between two or more teachers, in the same classes or school.

Quipper School Learn is where students study. It's packed with features that make learning safe and fun:

  • Assignments and general study - Students can work on specific topics proscribed by their teachers or study any part of their curriculum independently.

  • In-built messaging - Students and teachers can stay in contact with our in-built messaging service, which allows students to highlight specific questions or topics that they need assistance with.

  • Gamified features - LEARN rewards students with redeemable coins, allows them to customise their learning environment, and check how their classmates are getting on on the Timeline.

Quipper School is a simple, effective supplementary learning tool.

Teachers recreate their real life classes online, set study tasks in the form of bite-sized topics that help their students to progressively build knowledge, and receive simple, digestible analytics pointing out their students' progress as they work through the curriculum.

To summarise, the Quipper School method works in three simple steps:

Step 1. Teacher set tasks online.

Step 2. Students complete their tasks, or work on any other part of the curriculum independently.

Step 3. As students work, teachers instant feedback on student performance.

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