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SLES, to open its doors once again to the learners

May 18, 2022 Wednesday at 9 am, Sta. Lucia Elementary School (SLES) finally marked the day as the school implemented its progressive face-to-face classes.

The spirit of camaraderie lived on as teachers, parents, and other stakeholders worked together to start the face-to-face classes this week through pupil simulation. SLES Principal Mr. Vito L. Mengote welcomed the Division Task Force consisting of the Schools Operations and Governance Division (SGOD) personnel and supervisors namely: Via May Popes, Michelle Abraham, Raven Alcantara, Harry Bajo, Ana Marie Fernandez, and Leonardo Dagum, who monitored the school for its readiness and compliance to the existing guidelines. A lot of pupils and their parents expressed their excitement knowing that the school will finally start its onsite instruction.

The preparation was tedious but was worth every effort. Before the actual class simulation, the teachers were given specific roles and forms to be accomplished and they did everything they could according to the standards. From the consent forms given to the parents/guardians, orientation to those who were willing to participate alongside their profiling, the teachers gave instructions on what to do during the actual simulation. In addition, all participating learners were told to secure a health declaration to assure their health status before and after school.

Seeing the excited faces of the pupils made this day extra special. Everyone could feel how they have missed going to school that much. Making the school a safe place for them to learn is job that teachers took seriously especially in this new normal.

Sta. Lucia Elementary School also thanked all the stakeholders who helped in the preparation for the reopening of the school. It could be concluded that they are ready to make this face-to-face classes a remarkable success to ensure learning recovery for the young San Juanenos.

In line with this, everyone is reminded to continue following the safety health protocols because the COVID-19 virus and its variants are still very much present in the environment and it is best to exercise caution for the safety of all.

Article written by:

Ms. Danica Mae D. Rivera

Teacher I

Sta. Lucia Elementary School


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