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Our History

DepEd San Juan City

The birth of the Interim Division of San Juan dates back to August 8, 2008, following the ratification
of San Juan as a highly urbanized city. Through the mandate of the Mayor then, Hon. Joseph Victor G. Ejercito, he designated Dr. Lydia C. Abeja as the officer-in-charge (OIC) being the secretary of the local school board and the principal of Pinaglabanan Elementary School back then. Dr. Abeja painstakingly prepared all the pertinent documents specified in DepEd Order No. 50 and 58 in cooperation with the superintendent of the mother division of Pasig City, Dr. Florentina R. Lizano. Consequently, on December 15, 2008, the interim division was inaugurated.


National items were opened such as the following: superintendent, administrative officer, supply officer, planning officer, human resource officer, to name a few. Promotions for more than 300 teachers and master teachers also gave opportunities for contractual teachers to become permanent. It allowed for them to rise in the hierarchy and for experienced teachers to become master teachers.

On September 18, 2013, Dr. Rowena A. Cacanindin, CESO VI, assumed office as the OIC-Superintendent. In just more than a year
of service, Dr. Cacanindin had been a catalyst of substantial change as she advocated the Four Ts which stand for the following:


T- TRUST in one another in performing one’s task and in relating with one another, not   only in the Division but also with the school
     heads, teachers, and non-teaching personnel;

T- TRANSPARENCY in all transactions especially financial aspects, activities, and even problems. All information were disseminated
     in regular and special meetings aside 
from the memos and the Gazette, the first ever quarterly publication of the division; 

T- TIME ON TASK which was observed in all activities, programs and projects; and

T- TEAMWORK which was clearly manifested as early as during the 1st EXECOM and in the succeeding activities like in the team-
     building, seminars, outings, and Christmas Parties.


One of the big changes was the establishment of the Special Program in the Arts (SPA) and the Special Science Class. They began
their operation in the school year 2013-2014 at San Juan National High School, the lone public high school in the city. This gave home
to intelligent and talented pupils to hone their giftedness to the hilt.


Another significant achievement was the Level 1 Accreditation of Pinaglabanan Elementary School by the Accreditation of Philippine Public Educational System (APPES). There were also a number of promotions of principals, head teachers, master teachers and
teachers that took place in that year.


When Dr. Cacanindin retired last September, 2014, the Assistant Schools Division Superintendent then, Dr. Joel T. Torrecampo,
was automatically appointed as the new OIC. In the inclusive period of his administration, he adopted and continued some best practices
of his predecessor. Dr. Torrecampo had his own trademark in running a public office as he proved to be a hands-on leader. His primary concern was to increase the academic performance of the schools. He also supported the cultural programs of the city as he took on the challenge of hosting the ASEAN Solidarity Night last November 30, 2014 with the aid of the local government. It was also during his time that Kabayananan Elementary School was awarded the Level 1 Accreditation by the APPES, the second school to be recognized in the division.


The arrival of Dr. Jenilyn Rose B. Corpuz, CESO VI, on December 22, 2015 as the new and current OIC catapulted the division in a different light. Her educational platform is grounded heavily on transformation leadership as she advocates for relevant trainings and seminars necessary for the alignment of one vision for the division. Her strong grasp of theories and praxis on effective management resonates in the field as teaching and non-teaching personnel were regularly capacitated which allowed growth and ownership of
learning. She models certain practices and disposition that boost the confidence of people around her to function according to their
job descriptions befitting of a true professional.


Dr. Corpuz, along with her able team of managers, established mechanisms to promote a culture of excellence and accountability
in the conduct of duty while maintaining harmonious and loving relationships among colleagues. Even with the implementation of
the Rationalization Program in the Department, the Office of the Schools Division Superintendent (OSDS), School Governance and Operations Division (SGOD), and Curriculum Implementation Division (CID), are able to collaborate and synergize their operations
that ensure a healthy mix of fun and work towards the attainment of goals.


Her innovations, particularly on the integration of technology in the curriculum and school governance, has accelerated learning
outcomes in the field as manifested in the paradigm shift that is slowly taking place in the consciousness of educators, school heads, supervisors, staff, and other stakeholders in the desire to embrace the challenges of the 21st century. She manages to provide the necessary technical assistance to empower different teams in response to the major programs, projects, and activities of DepEd like the Senior High School (SHS) Program, Research, Professional Learning Community (PLC), to name a few. Her affiliation to organizations like Theory of Constraints for Education (TOCfE) and Philippine Association of Technology, Home Economics of State Colleges and Universities (PATHESCU) has brought a critical and creative take on management decisions that continue to yield positive growth for
the division.


Much is yet to be seen as DepEd San Juan continues to pursue the road to excellence with the learners as the ultimate source
of inspiration. This is embodied in the battle cry, SHINE.


S - Sincerity and passion to SERVE

H - Honesty and Integrity

I -   Industry and Hardwork

N - Nationalism and Love for our Glorious Past

E - Excellence in Academics, Culture, Sports and the Arts


This is the commitment that everybody makes as history unfolds itself one day at a time.

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