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SJNHS Fostering Diversity and Inclusivity

In support to the commit to create an equitable learning environment, SJNHS LAC Core team organized a seminar that fosters diversity within the realm of Inclusive Education. The seminar focuses on the Accommodations and Modifications of Special Needs in Education and Learners with Disabilities. It was conducted last November 17 and 23, 2023. It was hosted by Ms. Mariel A. Villocino, Ms. Joselle Ira I. Liwanag and Mr. Lloyd T. Tulaylay, School Head.

The seminar commenced with an opening prayer led by Ms. Diane A. Ligue followed by the Nationalistic song in AVP.  Ms. Genalyn L. Abalos, LAC Coordinator stated the purpose of the training. Ms. Marytes B. Doctor, Master Teacher of Math Department delivered an uplifting message in which she encouraged the teachers to embrace inclusivity in the school community. Ms. Tessie M. Cruz, Master Teacher of Filipino Department introduced the resource speaker.

Ms. Melany C. Fernandez presented her topic with a clear definition and understanding of Inclusive Education. She also gave a comprehensive orientation on the Classification of Learners with Special Educational Needs and the Eight Difficulties of Manifestation of Learners with Special Needs to equip teachers with essential knowledge on how to do informal assessments and identify their special needs and disabilities. The seminar was enlivened with engaging activities like Chain of Knowledge, Lights Camera Action and Toss the Tension, and Stress Relief Activity to emphasize the importance of peer support and collaboration as part of Inclusive Education. Furthermore, she facilitated the Q & A session and discussion, encouraging the teachers to actively participate and share experiences and insights. Lastly, she reiterated the need for cultivating an inclusive mindset among students, teachers and the entire school community that contributes to Inclusive Education for all.

SJNHS continues on its journey to foster diversity and inclusivity in education and allow every learner to thrive.

Mr. Lloyd T. Tulaylay, with the LAC Core Team did the honor for the awarding of certificate to the resource speaker for her invaluable insights and service with care and commitment to make a difference. Project Salamats also gave recognition to teachers who excelled in managing their classrooms in the last school year, the winning teacher-coaches, the head teachers  for their ultimate support and dedication and the program committee for the success of the seminar. The seminar concluded with the closing remarks given by Ms. Alona R. Nogoy, LAC Coordinator followed by a closing prayed led by Ms. Mae E. Reyes, English teacher.

Article written by:

Genalyn L. Abalos

Teacher III - San Juan National High School


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