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SJES names its champion in woman empowerment

"Victories would not be possible without the countless women out there as frontliners, doctors, nurses, hospital staff, teachers, and house mothers’’—DepEd Secretary Leonor Briones

Maria Victoria Manalon, teacher III, of San Juan Elementary School was awarded as a Champion in Woman Empowerment, a recognition of her contribution to the community and for being an exemplary model to her colleagues. The awarding ceremony was held at SDO San Juan attended by School Division officials led by Dr. Cecille Carandang, CESO VI. In her 22 years of service, Mrs. Manalon is someone to be looked up to not only in school but in the community as well. When she faced unexpected and ruthless adversity, teachers and her close friends extended their sympathy but her frailties were never seen. She went on with her normal activities as a mother, a teacher, a colleague, and a friend for others who are experiencing the same level of pain. By doing so, she inspired others to muster enough strength to pick themselves up and work on with what’s left of them by the circumstances. She empowered women by keeping her oath to her profession that despite the challenges in life, she kept on doing her duties and responsibilities expected of her position and proved that women are emotionally and psychologically strong.

Woman empowerment simply means that woman is ‘capable’; that all the rights do not just belong to men. No less than the Constitution provides, ‘’The State recognizes the role of women in nation building and shall ensure the fundamental equality before the law of women and men. The State shall provide women rights and opportunities equal to that of men.’’ This provision recognizes the vital role of women in nation building or simply put, women form part of the State.

Going back in the past where women used to have less exercised rights than of men as if women were second class humans, that equal opportunity and fair treatment were almost non-existent. But as the times went by, women gradually realized their power, their ideas flourished so much that the perception of men changed and the significant role of women in building a nation was finally recognized. The Philippine history is rich in story lines as to how our country’s independence was built together with powerful women like Gabriella Silang, Melchora Aquino, and Corazon Aquino, to name a few. As evidenced in the past, women are capable of decision, can be a good leader, can compete with men, can join politics, can run the country, and so on. DepEd Secretary Briones stated in March in the celebration of International Women’s day this year as quoted by Manila Bulletin, “As we take on the various roles of women at present, as we debate on how women can further increase their roles and their contributions to different types of societies, to different levels of development across the world, we also remember the good news that women were not always the inferior. Women also led, women also ruled, women also healed, and most important of all, women were mothers and nurturers”.

Article written by:

Angelo Stephen D. Josue

Teacher III

San Juan Elementary School


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