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SDO SJC conducts a 2-day National Learning Camp training on CRLA and RMA Administration

Education is a cornerstone of personal and societal growth, and its effectiveness relies on a holistic approach that nurtures various skill sets. One such vital combination is the integration of Math and Reading training.

On August 10-11, 2023, SDO-San Juan City conducted a two-day national training camp for grades two and three English and Filipino teachers on Comprehensive Rapid Literacy Assessment (CRLA) and Rapid Mathematics Assessment (RMA) administration at Axiaa Hotel Manila. The said training was attended by grades two and three teachers from districts one and two, Division Core Trainers for RMA and CRLA, Division Librarian, Education Program Supervisors (EPS) in Filipino, English, and Mathematics, CID-Chief, and the Assistant Schools Division Superintendent. This training aimed to capacitate and equip teachers with a diverse set of skills that enhances their effectiveness in the classroom, benefit their learners’ learning experiences, and contributes to the overall quality of education as part of the DedEd MATATAG motto.

The active participation of participants during the opening program

Prior to the training, an opening program was initiated to set the mood of each participant, test their cognition about the topics, and acknowledge the level of their expectations of the training.

On the first day of training, two speakers were assigned to discuss the Rapid Math Assessment (RMA). Ms. Eloisa S. Faustino, Division Core Trainer for RMA discussed the General Guidelines of Rapid Math Assessment and Score Sheet and Presentation of Math 3 Sample Video Lessons, while Ms. Helen S. Acedo, EPS-Math, presented a video on administering the RMA and samples of video lessons in grade 3. As part of the training and to further understand the concept and content of the discussion, a series of activities were given.

On the second day of training, four speakers were assigned to discuss the Comprehensive Rapid Literacy Assessment (CRLA) administration and Quick English Reading Assessment (QERA). Ms. Magdalena S. Rosopa –CRLA Division Core Trainer, discussed the Principles of Learner-Centered Assessment and Walkthrough on English Assessment Tool-QERA. On the other hand, Ms. Susan L. Gohil- CRLA Division Core Trainer, expounded the CRLA Tools and Administration Guides with Simulation Video Presentation on CRLA Administration. These topics focused on the appropriate ways of administering the assessment as bases for valid and relevant interventions for the National Learning Camp and future DepEd’s endeavors. Moreover, Ms. Dyan S. Falcon- CRLA Division Core Trainer, also presented a video simulation on scoring and recording of CRLA. The last speaker, Ms. Julienne May S. Gaa-CRLA Division Core Trainer, introduced other sample materials for remediation as a pivotal source of learning materials for the trainees. After these consecutive discussions, a simulation of the administration was formed to further figure out the said topics.

Simulation of the administration of CRLA and QERA in different situations and reading profiles

To conclude the superb training, a culminating activity was made. Ms. Eulafel C. Pascual, EPS-Filipino presented the QAME results as bases for other relevant pieces of training. Ms Marnelli B. Tolentino, EPS-English, provided a post-test to check the understanding of each participant. She also gave the ways forward on the direction of this effort and processed the level of expectations of both the trainees and trainers if these were met during the training.

As we strive for a better future in education, Dr. Buenafe E. Sabado- Assistant Division Schools Superintendent, gave her challenging words of encouragement that “teachers are the real warriors of this generation”. It is indeed challenging to be an educator, however, the challenge was accepted by the trainees which was led by Ms. Analine R. de Guzman.

After the acceptance of the challenge, a photo opportunity and the awarding of certificates were made.

A million smiles from the trainees, trainers, and SDO personnel

The last words came from a well-rounded and excellent leader in his field, Dr. Josefino C. Pogoy, CID-Chief. In his closing remarks, he reiterated and acknowledged the role of teachers in the Department for the improvement of the community and society. As we ended this training, Ms, Vilma T. Padilla, Division Librarian, led a prayer for the goodness, good health, opportunities, and safe environment God has given to all the participants during the training.

In conclusion, the significance of training teachers in Math and Reading cannot be overstated. These foundational skills shape learners’ cognitive development, future academic pursuits, and even their attitudes toward learning. Well-trained educators not only enhance their teaching methods but also foster a positive and enriching learning environment. By investing in the training of teachers, we invest in the future success of our learners and the overall quality of education.

Article Written by:

Junel P. Maximo

Teacher I – Pinaglabanan Elementary School


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