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Sandwich and Salad Making: Promoting Healthy and Affordable Diets for All

In celebration of Nutrition Month 2023 with the theme "Healthy Diet Gawing Affordable for All," Sandwich and Salad Making Contests were held on June 26-27, 2023. The aim of these contests was to encourage participants to create nutritious and affordable meals. The Sandwich Making Contest was open to representatives from Kindergarten to Grade 3, while the Salad Making Contest included participants from Grade 4 to 6, along with one family member. These contests allowed the learners to showcase their creativity and skills based on their respective groups.

The School Feeding Coordinator, Ms. Ruscel Paguirigan, and the Principal, Ms. Ma. Hernanda R. Santos, and the committee (selected teachers), worked diligently to ensure the success of the event. They recognized the importance of promoting healthy eating habits and wanted to instill these values in the learners from a young age.

The panel of judges for the contest consisted of Mr. Miguilito Macalanda (GPTA President) Ms. Leonalyn Ramillano (Master Teacher II), and Ms. Anthea Shirin Uytangco. After careful evaluation, the winners of the Sandwich and Salad Making contest were announced. The results were as follows:

Sandwich Making Contest

Champion – Grade 2

  • Gail Jandice F. Bucu - Learner

  • Maribel F. Bucu - Parent

1st Runner Up – Grade 3

  • Jarrell C. Magday - Learner

  • Jamelle Colcol - Parent

2nd Runner Up – Kindergarten

  • Scott Joseph A. Taguilan - Learner

  • Christopher S. Taguilan - Parent

3rd Runner Up – Grade 1

  • Nathalie Nicole M. Pascua - Learner

  • Antonette Morandante - Parent

Salad Making Contest

Champion – Grade 6

  • Kiel Jenvier V. Elidan - Learner

  • Rusty A. Elidan - Parent

The judges were impressed by the learners' understanding of the importance of balanced nutrition and their creativity in combining different flavors and textures.

The Sandwich and Salad Making Contests successfully promoted the importance of a healthy diet while considering affordability. By involving learners from different grade levels and encouraging family participation, the event fostered a collaborative and educational experience that emphasized the significance of proper nutrition.

Congratulations to all the winners and participants of both contests for their dedication and innovation in preparing nutritious meals. Through their efforts, they have showcased that a healthy and affordable diet can be enjoyable and accessible for all. These contests serve as a reminder that with knowledge and creativity, nutritious meals can be within reach, promoting a healthier and happier community.

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Teacher III - West Crame Elemetanry School


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