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San Juan City Academic Student speaks at the EDUtech Philippines 2023

The future of education will be shaped by a complex, nuanced process rather than a single wave of change. George Courus once said, "Technology will never replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of the great teachers, is transformational."

The San Juan City Academic Senior High School joined the EDUtech Philippines 2023 conducted last April 19, 2023, during the in-person and April 20, 2023, Virtual Panel Discussion.

The event was graced by DepEd Undersecretary Kristian R. Ablan, Margarita Consolacion, Director IV, International Cooperation Office DepEd, and the school heads of different SDO nationwide.

EDUtech Philippines 2023 brought together school leaders, educators, and policymakers to share and learn, make new connections, and generate ideas and collaborations that lead to better teaching and learning outcomes.

As education continues to be shaped by the ongoing acceleration of digitalization, it is more important than ever for all K-12 education stakeholders to stay informed about the latest trends in pedagogy, curriculum, policy, and solutions that enable this transformation. The two-day hybrid event focused on discussions on innovation, how education is delivered, and opportunities to assess solutions and networks. Featuring speakers from government and schools, the agenda provided learning opportunities for everyone, from teachers to senior leaders alike. Each session allowed the audience to participate by asking questions during the Q&A portion.

Other panel members were representatives from different schools and colleges, including Roi Christian Padua, a Grade 11-Stem student from San Juan City Academic Senior High School. The panel discussion was anchored on a student’s perspective on the impact of digitalization on their educational experience.

Moreover, the panel discussion aimed to use students' feedback to design learning delivery and understand what digital natives see as the ideal learning experience and well-being and social-emotional learning in a hybrid environment. The panel delivered meaningful discussion about the latest pedagogical trends, curriculum, policy, and solutions that enable this transformation.

Learners from different schools were able to interact and communicate with the EDUtech speakers and discussed the challenges, new developments, and the role of technology in their educational experiences. Through the students' feedback and experiences, EDUtech Philippines promised to generate ideas, programs, and collaborations that will lead to better learning-teaching outcomes.

One of the topics addressed were the key trends driving the future of education. The speakers included shifting to a lifelong learning mindset, making learning personal, and re-evaluating students’ progress, which they said to be the three trends driving future education. Its objective is anchored on cultivating a society where people have the tools, resources, and support to pursue their potential.

Besides, people learn differently in different careers. And in other spaces, it is becoming increasingly apparent that people need to be able to access these ways throughout their lives.

EDUtech Philippines is a dedicated organization for education leaders and policymakers from governments across the region to share their successes, strategies, and plans for the future of education, which continues to be shaped by the ongoing acceleration of digitalization.

Article written by:

Mark Anthony M. Galacan

San Juan City Academic Senior High Shool - Teacher II


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